I Have a problem


I play a lot of Hearthstone… They had an unlock in Hearthstone where you had to get a character to lvl 20 in Wow… This was one of the most painstakingly horrendous events of my life as a gamer…

And bare in mind, I am one of the BIGGEST Warcraft 3, and Frozen Throne fans… All I ever wanted in life was Warcraft 4… Wow was like a chore… I just cant understand how people can get sucked into it…


How long ago was this?

Able to explore a huge world and freely walk around, how can that be a chore. Sub level 20 is a bit boring though


Within the last year… I was so disappointed because i desperately wanted to love it…


I think if you jumped on pre The Burning Crusade it would be a bit of a different story


Yea it went downhill after that hence my stopping


It’s the crack cocaine of online gaming


Like Destiny 2? I’ve been away from home for two days and find myself scrolling through Reddit until I find a Destiny post…




I may have a problem.



Well, we’re on our way to Jerry’s in Willowbridge and they have the Sweet Baby Cheeses on the menu… Does that count?


Yeah, that’s exactly what I had in mind


I’m rather considering a Lucy at this stage…


…aaaaand nope. Had the After Burner with sweet potato fries. I haven’t had a burger that good in YEARS!


has anyone tried Black Desert Online was looking at that the other day


I have it, and played it a bit, it is not bad, but it is a bit confusing and quite a lot of information to take in all at once, but once you start to get in the groove it becomes easier, so again not a bad game, extremely beautiful, combat it solid. Have not played a lot but it was fun to play the part i did


It’s ok…try RuneScape…