I Have a problem

So lately I have been having thoughts that I know I should not be having and I am not sure how to stop or control it.

It has been an addiction for a very long time and I can’t go back again and fall into that dark hole. But it almost seems worth it to turn back and just jump into that black hole.

Yes, I want to play WoW again. Or looking for new MMORPG games. My only issue is that WoW ruined every other MMORPG for me that came after it. Always end up comparing them to WoW.

Please help.

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Do what I did, give away all your gold and gear, delete the chars, never look back

#wowclean #nomorewow #cleanfor8years

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Will NEVER give away my WoW account. Apart from my steam account, it is probably one of the oldest accounts I have

I still have my account, I just do not have any of my characters that I have had since vanilla wow

Ah so you transferred them over. I would never be able to do that!

I donated all my gold and gear and everything in my bags and bank to our guild

and literally deleted all my characters :slight_smile:

That is madness. imagine how neglected and lost they are feeling :frowning:

I dont care :smiley: They are gone and it made it easy for me to leave and not go back

Downvoted for clickbait title!! Came in expecting “confessions of a serial crocheted doily collector”. Left unimpressed.


What kind of a monster are you?

Don’t you dare down vote me!

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Someone who knew she had an addiction and stopped it. Just wish I could do the same with food


Is WoW that good?

For those jumping now, id say no.
But for the old School vanilla players… WoW was life

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I suggest leaving it in the past.
Rather play sp rpg, so you can pause when you want.

modern life is mostly too hectic for mp games anyway. Trying to keep your online buddies happy is a ballache and utterly pointless.


I almost solely only play Multiplayer game. One of the main reasons why I game and have kept gaming for many years.
I have made some life long friends online.

There are a select few sp games I play, but then not for very long though.


Oh interesting, I guess Im too introverted then.
Im fine with something like BF but only if Im lone wolf. As soon as oke’s want to me to communicate Im out.


See the social interaction of MMO’s and games like Destiny is what keeps me from becoming a hermit. It is why I keep playing them


Have you tried meth? I think if you gave meth a go, WoW would probably fall down the list of priorities.


(PS Do not try meth)