I need help finding a dvd of on old VHS tape

My dad’s all time favourite group is called “The Band”

We are looking for this specific dvd (the VHS is damaged so cant transfer it)

I’m not sure if it’s exactly the same content, but it is a production by the same, Classic Albums, label:


While you’re hunting for the visual, you could get the audio to play for him in the hospital?

Expanded album on Spotify:

Found “Part 1” on YouTube. Guess the rest is in separate clips on the same channel.


Oh we have all of it on my brothers phone, my dad has the audio, we just want to get him that once he is mobile enough to use a dvd player or even tablet.

I have sent the seller a message I just want to make sure that there is no damage. Thanks for that, we definitely want to try and get it for dad, I’m even looking for a brand new one, we decided if we have to import I will.


Thanks again for the find, I ordered it from the guy

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I have to say I gave the guy a 5 star rating, it arrived in better condition than I expected literally the day after I paid. So impressed and it all works