If you were in an RPG game as an NPC,

what NPC would you be, and what quest would you give to the hero:

I will be that irritating chef in a pub sending you out to find me meat or rare herbs


Flexthorian Brown Beard

Quest Name: Test of Strength

Quest Description:
-Travel 50km on foot.
-Collect 20 bags of sand of Casandra at the Inn and return them to the docks
-Reach the highest point on the mountain in Gautronia


I’d be the weird guy half hidden behind a wall, that merely barks like a dog as an easter egg if you click him 15 times within 10 seconds.

Humorous, but no real benefit and no long term replayability :smiley:


I will be a Blacksmith called Stefinicus the Hammer Maker. I made a blade for a previous champion of the town, but the champion was slain in battle. The blade was stolen and taken to a near by fort guarded by a group of bandits. Retrieve me the sword and I shall reward you with an enchantment and some raw material to craft your own blade. I will also give you one skill point towards your Armour stats.

I would probably be one of the scholars in a college of sorts. Maybe even one interesting enough to award you a quest that promotes adventure and exploration, like finding an ancient burial site and digging up a relic.

I would be an eccentric wizard living in the woods near the town,that sends you on quests to get ingredients for my alchemical experiments and then aks you to drink them for kicks, perhaps you get a few stat bonus along the way or just trip balls for 30min.

Later on after finding out that I was a grand wizard banned from the illustrious wizard colleague of eldrezeldaq you will be offered some demiplane quest for a special artifact to help save the universe.

I’d be the one standing in a corner near some barrels that says: “Get lost. I’m busy trying to find my lost squirrel”

A shopkeeper. You’d get to meet interesting heroes every day as they come peruse your wares.

The one that keeps telling adventurers that bandits are “stealing” my gold, and have them bring it back to me, meanwhile I end up being the richest person on the server :smiley:

I would be a monk in a temple. I would give you glyph and tell you to contemplate the waters. The glyph will then open a door under a lake that leads to a secret lost city.

(you can find me in Desktop Dungeons! I’m the monk Saint Solitude and I give you the glyph. It doesn’t open a door though)