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So, I dont have a very fancy setup, but obviously a tripod is essential. I set the camera on Manual mode, and focus to manual as well. I then try to find a light or something in the dark to focus on. The camera is set to 100 ISO and a 10 second exposure. The idea is that if a lightning strike takes place during the 10 seconds it will be bright enough to be picked up by the sensor.

If I am happy with the angle and the rest of the settings, I then turn on 10 picture mode, which means it will take 10 pictures in a row, each with 10 seconds of exposure. This does mean that sometimes I get 2 strikes per picture. It also means I get a lot of just plain black pictures :smiley:

If the storms are hectic I sometimes turn the exposure time down, but not by much. I also find that if I UP the exposure in a quiet time that the clouds become too bright and the strikes not as dramatic. The lightning in the clouds tend to wash out the clouds too much.

So, its actually very easy and simple. The toughest part for me is to get the focus just right. Its normally too dark to find something to focus on!


Sweet, thanks! If I get a chance am definitely going to try your techniques this weekend!


I am only interested in results! Post some pics! :smiley:



@GregRedd - did you take any lightning pics?


Nope. All the promised thunderstorms and heavy rain forecast for the weekend turn out to be a bit of a damp squib. Had about ten minutes on Friday evening, and some rain on Saturday, but nothing even vaguely worth setting up the camera for. It’ll come, I’m sure.


Getting enough willpower and perfect storm conditions to tie in with enough warning that the storm is actually coming is quite difficult! :smile:






“I stopped right in front of the finish line, just to ensure I wouldn’t delete it”



^^ plot from speedracer.




Would the same/similar settings as your lightning setup work for fireworks as well, do you think?

Thinking of trying to shoot some neighbourhood fireworks on New Years as the waiting for an opportunity for decent lightning is not happening for me.


I think it would! Great idea actually! You will have to play around to get the perfect timing right. If the fireworks are bright enough it should work as is. Now I want to do that too! :grin: