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Looks like Joburg is getting rain today?

*photo obviously does not do justice to the excitement that seeing that mother of a cloud ahead of me brought me this afternoon.


The North side of jhb isn’t getting any rain…


No! My life is a lie. Massive clouds isn’t massive :pensive:


We got quite literally 4 drops that evaporated the moment it touched ground. We went for a walk with the baby and got worried when we saw the clouds coming in, then the drops hit the ground and I started jogging home with him. Then the sun came out again… :man_facepalming:t2:





Yvonne StraHOTski :grin:






How does image of the day exactly work? Can we just post anything as long as it adheres to the guidelines? Asking for a friend with a bunch of funny memes…


Post whatever you want, as long as it is not harmful or NSFW. We just share awesome or funny pics we find and think everyone else will enjoy. That is the aim of Image of the day.




This may become one of my favourite sections, random and funny pics are a great time killer at work. Hopefully I’m posting things I hope most of you haven’t seen too, to keep it frezno.


infamous Australian Drop Bear:



Seeing as its all over the place the mew also needs one.


I’ve seen and don’t understand this, does Shaggy now have super powers?


That was my first thought as well, Scooby did a mystic doo doo?