Incredible Deception - Steam Deck for Sale in SA

Incredible Connection have started selling Steam Deck locally. At the most ridiculous mark ups ever.

And this while Steam Deck is still not officially available to our region via Steam itself.

You can currently purchase and ship the Steam Deck to South Africa via Amazon for significantly cheaper:

Here’s a comparison between the two. The Amazon cost is made up of Price + Shipping + Import Costs. The last two columns show the current US retail pricing for the Steam Deck and the Rand equivalent, just to emphasize how much more we pay for tech products here. I’ve, obviously, done some rounding to make the numbers a little simpler to look at.

Steam Deck Inc Con Amazon Difference Amazon Calc US Retail =ZAR
64 GB R17 000 R12 125 +R4 875 9990+470+1665 $399 R7 325
256 GB R21 500 R15 855 +R5 645 13180+470+2205 $529 R9 710
512 GB R24 700 R20 560 +R4 140 17233+470+2857 $649 R11 910

Do you know anyone desperate enough to get a Steam Deck that they would pay Incredible Connections exorbitant prices for one? Would you be happy paying the Amazon markup and Import costs to bring on in at the Amazon prices instead? Or will you be patiently waiting for them to be made available to South Africa directly through Steam sometime in the far future? (Hopefully when they come with a Sale Discount or with generous Regional Pricing applied :D)


Steam Deck - 64GB Handheld System - Incredible Connection

Steam Deck - 512GB Handheld System - Incredible Connection

Steam Deck - 512GB Handheld System - Incredible Connection Valve Steam Deck 64 GB : Video Games Steam Deck 256gb : Video Games Valve Steam Deck 512GB Handheld Console : Video Games

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Someone is going to Seattle soon… and she’s going to pick up a deck for me. Then I can sit on my deck, with my deck, while saving the world with deck-ard cain


Maybe the same people who were buying Prime for hundreds of Rands?


No need to be a deck, don’t rub it in.


My momma always said, if i get a shiny deck, i need to invite people over to see my shiny deck


You been polishing you di… uhhh… deck diligently these days?


These deck jokes are reminding me of this:


And that brings the Dycks of Letterkenny to mind:

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Don’t know this company at all just saw the link on fb:


Hmm, seems a little sus…

You’d be better off finding one on carbonite from someone with a good rating


I thought so too but I googled them and they have a physical store in Randburg.

Not that that means they are legit but at least you can go there and see for yourself if you wanted to.


And that price is inclusive of taxes too (according to their website) which makes it a decent deal!


I’m sticking to the “cautiously sceptical” side of things with them.

Red flag #1:

Sales page says “In Stock”. But is it? The banner on the top of the page highlights their interpretation of “In Stock”:

Please note: We don’t keep stock on hand. All “in stock” products are sourced directly from our supplier.

A bit disingenuous suggesting things are in stock when they really aren’t.

Red flag #2:

Their About Us page suggests that they’re nothing more than a front for a standard drop shipping company bringing parallel imports in through (possibly) questionable means.

Welcome to our importing company, where our mission is to help our clients save money and live better.

In fact, the language of the entire thing smacks of “Hey ChatGPT, give me a blurb for my company web site. Make it sound good.”

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who are passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals. We understand that every client has unique needs, and we work closely with each of them to ensure that they receive personalized solutions that are tailored to their specific situation.

Emphasis mine. Yeah, that’s a bunch of corp speak bollocks right there, mate. How is me buying a R16k handheld gaming device helping me to achieve my financial goals? *

Reg flag #3:

Their physical address is made to sound like it’s a shop in a shopping centre, but it’s actually a shared office space in a virtual office environment.

I don’t know, they may have a fixed lease there that they operate out of, but it’s not a consumer facing retail store. I certainly can’t find anything that suggests it is. The Google listing shows a bunch of generic office building lobby interiors and generic product shots.


To be fair, based on the 4.8 review score, they must be doing something right and are actually supplying products to folk at decent prices. Even so, I’d still be particularly wary about electrical compatibility and after sales support and service, and delivery times.

Caveat emptor is all I’m suggesting.

* Seriously, quick, tell me. I need to tell my wife…


Ja, but then you’ve got to go to Randburg…


I know how much you love cool stuff! I saw this on the OneDayOnly app and I had to share it with you. It’s kind of a big deal:

64GB Steam Deck Handheld Gaming System

Go on, have a look:


At least they’re honest and upfront about it being a parallel import and having no warranty support.

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