Indie Game Spotlight - 27 February 2018

Welcome everyone to another weekly thread, where we highlight new and exciting Indie games on the different platforms. Each week we will spotlight one indie title available on Steam, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. You are welcome to share your thought on these games, whether they look interesting or not, or whether you are going to give them a try.

So let’s shine the MEW Spotlight on these new indie titles

Available on Steam

An interesting take on the fighting genre, this pony brawler has a unique art style, and seems to be in a very playable state, despite it being in early access. Have a go at beating up horses in Them’s Fightin Herd

Available on Xbox One

A game that looks similar to INSIDE and LIMBO, Albert and Otto looks to be harbouring a grim world of levitating sheep and other strange things, as you solve puzzles.

Available on PlayStation 4

Combining side-scrolling action with a beautiful art style, SHINY - A Robotic Adventure will take you on an adventure as you control Kramer 227 as he tries to rescue his friends.

Available on Nintendo Switch

Get some tissues and curl up in a warm blankey to play Old Man’s Journey, an indie title that’s sure to pull at your hearts strings. Meditatively delightful and reflective, Old Man’s Journey invites you to immerse yourself in quiet and inquisitive puzzles, and experience the old man’s heartache, regret, and hope.

And that’s our list of Indie games in the spotlight for this week. Does any of these games sound intriguing? Do you think you’ll be playing any of them? let us know below.