Instagram star murdered and image posted on there

I have no words for how disgusting this is. We live in a world so desensitized it is scary

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JHC :open_mouth: That whole story is beyond comprehension to me. The decapitating, the posting pictures of her body to social media, the reposting of those pictures by random sick fucks to Reddit and 4Chan and the like, the sister going on to Instagram within hours to post a “memorial”… all of it. Humans suck.

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thats so not cool and sick man.

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Is it just me or is the world getting more and more demented?


I feel this often

Not just you, I have honestly no faith in what is humanity on this planet.

There is a fraction of people about 1% that are still really good. The rest are just not right

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Is this the same story where some people made a cum trebute for her?

I didn’t think this story could get worse

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Oh my gosh! I did not read the article, as the link summary said enough… This is so sad and wrong on every level.

As a parent I have to say the future of the world sometimes freaks me out! I have two little girls and I hear so many sad stories about little ones drowning, or being thrown away by their parents and I literally cry. Then my dark mind think about how it could happen to my girls, or what could happen when they are older. And then I just pray my socks off that my girls will be safe.

I dont want to go all religious on here, as I respect everyone’s opinion and religion, but I only have faith in humanity through a Godly intervention.


I read about this on Twitter late last night. The first response tweet I saw described what happened and that the mutilated body was posted online. Needless to say, I immediately closed Twitter and went to sleep.

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I havent even tried to google the story further, I am to scared to find out.

I googled

Thank goodness no images