Interesting new games that have just launched (2020 edition)

This is a topic to discuss new, smaller games that have popped up on your radar that you think you might be interested in checking out at some stage.

Maybe there is someone else in the community who has played the game and can recommend or warn against it.

I’ll reply to this OP with my first batch of games. I’ve also decided to include the year in the title because I thought it would keep things more organised (and search-engine friendly) if we refresh this annually.

This topic is related to “I Need a New Game”, but I thought different enough to warrant its own discussion. If you are looking for recommendations, rather than a discussion of random new games people thought looked interesting, check that out:


GOG sends me an e-mail showcasing the latest games to launch on its platform that it thinks I might be interested in.

There were three this week that I would like to check out at some stage:

Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive

Following a bizarre cataclysmic event that cracked the moon in half, the Earth is struggling with the environmental fallout. Everything is already dead or dying… except you. Or so you think. Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive is a post-apocalyptic thriller from veteran developer Scriptwelder, creator of the popular horror series Deep Sleep and Don’t Escape. Players must figure out a way to properly fortify their home against each night’s new danger, as they learn the truth behind the apocalypse and search for a way to safety, if one exists.

(One day GOG embedding will work, and on that day I might switch the order of these links.)



The Old Gods are reawakening, clawing their way back into a world that’s spiraling into madness. In hospitals, abandoned classrooms, quiet apartments, and dark forests, strange appearances and unexplainable phenomena test the sanity of residents in Shiokawa, Japan. Is it chaotic retribution, or the machinations of beings beyond our comprehension?

The friends of Ringo Ishikawa

A highschool gang leader Ringo Ishikawa trying to live through his last autumn before graduation. With his best friends.

You should play it if:

  1. You’re fond of good stories with strong dialogues (especially about growing up)
  2. You’re a fight games enthusiast (you’ll get your hands on some unique brawl mechanic and I promise you’ll be satisfied)
  3. You’re into some yakuza-delinquent aesthetics


That world of horror looks awesome :mechanical_arm: and it’s not badly priced as well

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@SIGSTART are we limiting the game suggestions to those released in 2020?


It would be great to limit the discussion to new games that are coming out every week.

But I’m open to opposing arguments! Also, if there are games that were released in the December period that might have flown under the radar, I think it would be fair to post them.


Ok cool. I’m just wondering if I can champion Supraland (50% off right now) again :grin:


I think you just did! :rofl:


After editing the post… I most definitely did!


World of Horror is pretty cool. It’s on Gamepass (early access). It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but I really liked what I’ve seen of it so far.