International domain name

If I wanted to get a dot com domain. Would it be better to buy directly overseas at a place like namecheap or buy it locally?

You can buy it locally or internationally and then just point it to whereever you’d like to point it.

We buy our dot com domains locally. Its really easy


I use GoDaddy for both domain registration and SSL certificates

Do you really need to buy them though? I guess for EV or OV certs you need a proper CA, but for DV? Wouldn’t something like Lets Encrypt suffice? That’s what I use for most API subdomains anyway…

Let’s Encrypt is good enough for DV, but if you dig into serious compliance and especially when you start touching PCI it just becomes easier to use a highly trusted CA issuer.

Another issue with DV is that it is easier to get, with a bit of ingenuity you can probably even get a cert for MEW.