Introduce yourself

Ag you know we luffs you lots like jelly tots


gaan kry n fokken texa


Ek gaan dammit! Ek wag net dat die mense terug kom kantoor toe dammit

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Now I want jelly tots…

Damn sugar cravings! I’m supposed to be getting off that crap (again)

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same thing. what is it?

Its the voice channel we use when we do mewme nights and game club

ok coolio - MEW says I cant talk to you anymore and need to go make more friends. Apparently I need to listen to other peoples opinions to make a great conversation. pfffffffft.
A great discussion is other people listening to my opinions. :rofl::rofl:

Consider replying to more people
You’ve already replied 3 times to @Wyvern in this particular topic.

Have you considered replying to other people in the discussion, too? A great discussion involves many voices and perspectives.

If you’d like to continue your conversation with this particular user at length, send them a personal message.


Wish this could be implemented in relationships in real life!


Welcome to MEW @CrONus :+1:

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Thanks :grin:


Welcome @CrONus! Tell us a bit about yourself. :slight_smile:

Stop hitting on all the new people please! !

What if it’s hot?

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Request for a pic first then

But thats creepy.

Oh haaaaaaaaaaaaai @CrONus Welkom!

You have to start slowly and then work at it from there.

^This right here! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone :grin: I’ve been a lurker on the MyGaming forum for years so I’ve decided to continue my epic lurking abilities on the MEW forum :wink:


Stop lurking and start doing by sending @Solitude a selfie!

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