Introduce Yourself

Welcome to Epic Win!

We are quickly growing in numbers. Um and most of us know each other. But soon we’ll have new people and this is the place to tell us about you. Who are you? What makes you tick?


I am BeoTeK, my friends call me Beo…

I like to game, no matter the platform. Play games, not platforms!

During the day I’m a Functional Tester and UX/UI Designer. By night I’m a superhero dad and sultery lover.

Deep down, I’m just me.

Peace out…


Hi there,

A lot of you will know me as Wlad, but sometimes I like to go by Myrdlok as well.

I am just your average gaming addict. Currently own a PS4, Switch and PC although like Beo above me I play games, not platforms.

I work in retail which is kinda sucky, but at least I work at a gaming retailer which is kinda cool.

My favourite genre is RPG, but I enjoy shooters and adventure games as well.

When I’m not working or gaming I am either sleeping or playing guitar.

Well that’s me in a nutshell.

Catch you later…


Hello, my name is MalicE and I’m new here


Hello all the new people!

Greetings, hombres! :slight_smile: Resident gamerholic here. Xbone, PS4 and Switch owner. Oh and I also have a PC for spreadsheets and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello, I’m Mottamort. I’m a cheap-ass and a bit of an asshole (whats the language policy on the site like?). Hopefully you learn not to take me too serious as even when I’m being an ass its usually with a smile/smirk on my face :smiley:


Sup peeps. Feels weird to be on the ground floor of something. Who do I talk to about my stock options?

I play games, I drink and I smoke a lot of weed. Nothing really else to me. Ps. Hiro sucks.


Hi. I am Flex


Same here. I feel this :smirk: emoji was made for me.


Hi im DohcWP

I am 31 year young, i am an office/payroll manager by day

I play on all platforms i like to collect stuff, my current consoles includes ps1,ps2, ps3 (half dead), wii, 2x xbox 360’s and im awaiting on my xbox one x to arrive, im also an avid pc gamer, but my cooling on the pc is an issue i havent ad time to address yet (thats why i havent been much on steam tbh)

Driving games especially forza and halo are my forte

im addicted to audi’s and nature and i dont like taxi drivers


Back in black! Loving the dark theme (and markdown support!) of the new site, by the way.

Following on some of the info shared by others: 33 years old (will be 34 in 2 weeks time), solutions architect / consultant / sales person / devops engineer / mediator all wrapped up in a package called “business owner” during the day. Mostly that extends into evenings and weekends as well, which leaves little time for gaming. When I do get around, I enjoy single player games, preferably platformers.


I realised that I don’t have an introduction here yet. I don’t know if it necessary, but hey here goes.

I am DieGrootHammer. I am a gamer of many platforms and little skills. I love myself a good management, simulation, racing and the odd FPS game. I am 31.8 years old, and I work as a Mobility Product Specialist and Business Analyst for a retail solutions business. I love data, statistics, golf, photography, music, long walks in the bush (beach se gat!!), rugby and other sports.

I play pretty much single player games only on Xbox, PC, Switch and PlayStation.


Whatever, you boerewors muncher :stuck_out_tongue:

Love you too buddy.

Hi Im Wenz and im new here… i know a lot of people with powers on here :wink::wink: so be afraid, be very afraid :grinning:

Al die mense begin my bang maak :confused:

dis ok, Graal is nog nie hier nie :running_man:

hello Humans, it is I Pr0fPyr0 also the artist formerly known as B1nary, I have been summoned here for your pleasure.

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My bae has joined!!! :heart_eyes:

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