Kaz Hirai is officially retired from Sony & PlayStation

Long time employee and 6 year President and CEO of Sony Corporation has officially retired.

Kazuo Hirai's career began at Sony Music Entertainment Japan's marketing department in 1984 eventually joining Sony's computer and video game division in 1995 just before the launch of the first PlayStation, and ultimately succeeded Ken Kutaragi in 2006 as the head of the gaming business.

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What a storied career. Also the first time I’ve come across the word “kando”.



“Kando” is a Japanese word that does not have a precise equivalent in English. “Kando” is something that inspires the heart and spirit … That which deeply satisfies … Appreciation … Admiration … An emotional impression or sensational feeling that touches the soul … Emotionally moving.

Very cool!


They’re on another level :grinning: