Keep an eye out please for the following stolen items

A friend of mine’s workplace was broken into over the weekend, and my friend was an eejit and had forgotten his headsets at work. No ordinary ones for him either -

  1. Audio Technica ATH-M40x headphones + Red Brainwaves angled Ear cups + Custom cable

  2. Status Audio SM-CB1 Headphones + Custom Cable

  3. Sabaj Da3 DAC/AMP + Custom USB-C cable

This happened in Montague Gardens in the Cape

So please if you guys see an add anywhere on gumtree or where ever let me know.

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Has he posted this on carboite as well?
Guys there are often all over Gumtree and OLX as well. So if someone sees something they will let the forum know

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I havent gotten an account on carbonite, but I will create one just to post this if it will be allowed?

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It will be yeah. Can just make a post on Smack Talk

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I posted the same on AVforums as well, thanks @Wyvern for helping a bru out.

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Kewl I just registered on carbonite

Awaiting the stamp of approval