Keeping track of your work

How do you guys keep track of everything you have to do at work?

I tend to use the Tasks feature in MS Outlook, since it is simple and I have Outlook open the whole day. However I do find that it still gets me into kak sometimes, especially with longer lead items.

My job is also very dynamic, in the sense that I have to respond to “emergency situations” when they arise and leave all my “paperwork” stuff for later. This also tends to mess with my plan for the day. I usually write a list of things I want to do for the day, but often I end up not doing all of it and I have to move stuff over to the next day.

Is there a reliable way to plan your day/week and keep track of activities or things which need to get done? Perhaps a program I am not aware of that works well?


I’m keen to see the answers for this thread. Always keen to try new programs to streamline things.

For me for work I use ToDoList to keep things organised and seeing that it is portable and Trello for personal.

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There’s nothing quite like it. I use it for everything. I’ve got so many Trello boards.


I would use it for work, but our internet connection is sketchy at best, so I had to find another solution. Otherwise I would use it also.

I saw your games list board, very extensive :slight_smile:

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Good old fashioned white board.
I find Keep apps to end up being messy.
Notebook in the car, exam pad on the desk and I move from the paper notes to white board

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Combination of Salesforce to keep an eye on Projects and make sure I follow up and Gsuite Calendars

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Pen and Paper. Can’t really forget what I have to do at work :grin:
For personal record keeping, I use Evernote.

At home, my wife and I use Wunderlist for our to-do lists.

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I use ‘todoist’ but most times I need a reminder to populate my to do list.

my work is all over the place and worst is that one item can take several days to complete.

House hold chores I use the original wife 1.0 with nag app installed.
Only issue is there is no mute or snooze function.

I’ve grown attached to wife 1.0 so won’t be upgrading to wife 2.0 at all, even if the hardware and software is newer :rofl:


I don’t even have a beta version :frowning:

@murfle - your finances are then safe. stash as much as you can whilst you can.

I believe owning V1.0 and being part of a beta project can cause harm


I actually need to skip the beta phase, and start with V1.0… Never really believed in beta testing.

Also, my stash is gone… I actually think the right V1.0 would be able to help me with my spending habits. (not that my ideal V1 exists…)

Not the most streamlined system, but I use a combination of Google Calendar, Evernote, and Toggl.