Kentucky Route Zero

1 million years in the making. Well at least the last episode. I got this game many years back and always waited for the last episode to come out before playing it. That day has arrived! The full game is out now and Kentucky Route Zero is apparently a must play game.

I’ve only played a little bit so far and it’s definitely a stranger game than I expected. Have any of you played it?

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Not yet but have certainly been keen for it. Like you I waited for the whole series to be released but this was so long ago I forgot all about! Thanks for the reminder!

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This game has been sitting on my wishlist for ages, since I saw it I loved it. The visual theme is just sublime and the premise just attracted me to it. Yet to ever pull the plug.

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I finally finished it.

It’s a game that I thought I would love. It’s atmospheric, looks beautiful and is filled with mystery. All the things that I normally really like in games. And yet, I found the game to be a chore. I never really connected with the characters and it felt… too forced.

It’s too abstract in my opinion. How are you supposed to connect with the characters or the story when you only get glimpses and when everything is so abstract that you feel disconnected from it all.

It’s disappointing.


Thats too bad, it really looks like a game I want to play… But the worst thing there is is a game that feels like a chore.