Kerbal Space Program 2: Same Space, Just More

I take offense to this… its the correct statement for someone like me but it hurts ok :smiling_face_with_tear: :cry: :sob:


Now that I’ve played a bit more, landed on Minmus and the Mun, I can elaborate on the bugs I’ve come across, some game breaking.

  • Fuel flow is weird in general, tanks don’t drain in the correct order. (I hear they are working on fixing this ASAP)
  • Ships can clip through the the planets surface if you switch vehicles while flying too close to the surface.
  • Sometimes while warping, phantom forces will cause your craft to spin violently
  • Pausing while accelerating in space doesn’t stop the rocket exhaust animation, but does stop your acceleration, can be confusing.
  • Going EVA on a landed vessel causes it to topple over (I presume caused by the kerbal spawning on the side of the vessel)
  • Switching between vessel and EVA kerbal can cause the jetpack to stop working (even with infinite fuel on)
  • Staging UI is very bugged after some staging is done
  • Pause and unpause UI is bugged, sometimes says paused when it’s not, etc.

Some of these annoyances can be mitigated by doing a quicksave/quickload.

And some positives

  • Rolling out to the launch pad now takes less than half the time it used in KSP1
  • Switching between distance vessels is now almost instantaneous
  • Manoeuvre nodes are way cleaner and easier to use.
  • “warp to” feature works a lot better IMO, much smoother and faster.
  • The new physics is awesome, no more sliding down a hill at 0.5m/s for 30mins.
  • Landing feels awesome, dust gets kicked up and vessels feel weighty, compressing the landing leg suspension like it should.
  • Frikken procedural wings!
  • Everything has sound effects, from walking on different surfaces, to the EVA packs going pssst pst psst pssst, to the little Kerbal voice reminding you that your other ship is about to enter it’s manoeuvre node, to squeaking of the brakes after landing a plane. In general the sound design department have knock it out of the park.

All in all, flying missions and getting places takes me a fraction of the time just simply because of all the little things that have been streamlined, this was my biggest gripe about KSP1, it took forever to do anything at all.

  • Is the game worth R900 in it’s current state: No
  • Do I regret buying it: No

Only statement that matters :grinning:


My insane love for KSP is getting the better of me. I am bloody close to buying this as I also have total confidence in the developer and I know the game will be awesome, eventually. I just wish the price was better. Perhaps i should sell something and buy this…


Ya after spending more time playing, I feel like a price range of R400-R600 would have been more acceptable. They could have just bump the price after each milestone.
Maybe they just hedged their bets and expected huge EA sales, rather than only cashing in on the full price after it leaves EA, where they won’t get as many sales… presumably.

Anyway, a big price tag comes with big expectations, we can only hope they follow through and deliver a AAA game.


Longest list of patch notes I’ve seen probably ever.