Kerbal Space Program 2: Same Space, Just More

Without so much as the sound of a spluttering rocket engine to warn us of the announcement, publisher Private Division revealed during Gamescom Opening Night Live on Monday that Kerbal Space Program 2 is heading to the launchpad in early 2020.

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Man I regret forgetting about KSP. But with other stuff and it being in early access its easy to forget.


@Pr0fPyr0 and I were on Discord when I saw the news of a new KSP. I watched the trailer and he heard my reaction live. Needless to say I was extremely excited about the trailer.

Like seriously, I am now officially more hyped for KSP 2 than any other game currently in development. I LOVE KSP with all my heart, and that trailer was one of the best trailer I’ve ever seen. I am so on board the hype train.

I played several hundred hours of KSP in the past, and it’s been a game close to my heart for a very long time. I’ve been to most of the major bodies in the Kerbal system with either manned or probe ships, I’ve crashed Jeb many, MANY times into the Mun and Minmus. I’ve build several orbital space stations, with and without MechJeb. I’ve done so much in game and still feels like I never even scratched the surface of it. Bring on KSP 2 for a few hundred hours of more Oberth effect fun!!!


I suck at this game, but I too, am pretty excited. The first time I managed to land on the Mun was one epic feeling. That was in the demo. Since buying the game, I’ve only managed to crash land on the Mun, but I’ll take it. The mechanics changed between the demo and when I finally bought it.
Leave me alone, that’s my official excuse!