Kingdom Come: Deliverance II

This is an open-world RPG unlike any other. Take Skyrim and strip out the magic and add in a story based in a real world location - Bohemia.

The game was developed in Cryengine. Whatever you do can affect the reality of the world. Everything within the game organically reacts to your deeds. Fighting is expected to be tough, they spent a lot of time learning about European sword fighting.

Developed by Czech Studio Warhorse.

Warhorse Studios is an independent game development studio formed by talented developers who have previously worked on many popular titles.Warhorse Studios was founded in 2011 by Daniel Vávra, creator of Mafia and Mafia 2, and Martin Klíma, formerly of ALTAR (Original War, UFO:* trilogy).

I really hope to get this game but I fear my computer will no longer do it justice.

Has this game been on anyone else’s radar? Its releasing tomorrow 2018-02-13


I’m also excited about this game. If I wasn’t any wiser I’d have pre-ordered it and eagerly awaited the moment it unlocked on Steam. From what I’ve read and watched it looks great and different from the usual fantasy RPG’s.

Likewise I’m not sure if my PC will do it justice - my graphics card is getting old. So I’m waiting to see what people say about it after it’s released.

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hmmmm Will keep an eye on this , it might be good

I’ve been eagerly following the game. It gives me a Witcher-sans-monsters vibe, which is perfect for me. Didn’t realise the release is so soon though - was expecting an April / May timeframe!

Anyone else playing Kingdomcome? So far Loving it. Awesome rpg. Only issue was the limited saves, once mod installed all good.

Massive cost. will be waiting for this to be on sale for a lot lower than what it is currently selling at.

I’m also waiting for a price drop or alternatively for me to have cash. Also I need a new graphics card so um lots of cash will be needed.

Also waiting for a sale on it, possibly end of the year.

Is it really more expensive then other new releases? Seems to be at the normal pricing for new releases, has the same price as the preorder for vampyr for instance on steam.

How much? R800 to R1000 for new games seems pretty “normal” these days.

R589 currently.

I refuse to pay more than R500 for ANY game, unless it’s a serious game of the year contender. Even then I’m hesitant. Game prices fall so quickly on PC you rarely do yourself any favours by buying games at launch.

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I agree, just wanted to know how much they’re asking.

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Each to their own. I prefer buying games at release. I find it more enjoyable to be involved in the hype of the game.
As I only really concentrate on crpg’s its not that big of a dent yearly. Can understand being more prudent if you buy more yearly.

Advantage of buying 2 years down the line: massive price drop on special, all the bugs patched out, DLCs included, can run on my pauper system at full graphics.

Patch 1.4: Easter Update

Patch 1.4 is upon us and Henry is in desperate need of a makeover. You’ll now have the opportunity to give him a haircut, grow out his beard and more! Notice the new unarmed mercy kill animation and the Easter content.

There’s also now support for Shadowplay and Ansel to go with the free HD Textures and HD Audio DLC released last week.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Hardcore Mode & 1.6 Patch out now

The time has now come to fully immerse yourselves in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We know that many of our fans have been asking for a more realistic and immersive version of the game and we are happy to announce that the new Hardcore Mode is now available for FREE.

Think of it more as a survival type RPG, where you will need to pay even more attention to Henry’s health, stamina, energy, and nourishment, including his location/whereabouts. Everything matters in the Hardcore Mode, so now would be a fantastic time to start a new playthrough!

The Facts

  • North, South, East, and West will no longer be visible on the compass, so be sure to check the time of day and where the sun is located (rises in the East, sets in the West).
  • Waypoints are shown only when you get close to them.
  • Fast travel isn’t possible in Hardcore Mode.
  • There is no autosaving. The game can only be saved by drinking Saviour Schnapps, sleeping in your own bed, paying for a bathhouse full service, or exiting the game (deletes once the game is started up again).
  • You can’t rely on eating from the cooking pots. The best way to regenerate health is to sleep. Food and healing potions take quite a while to kick in.
  • You’re only alerted to your current health and stamina levels by means of in-game visual effects.
  • Combat is more realistic in Hardcore Mode. Strikes have a more realistic impact, and engaging in combat with an experienced warrior without wearing quality armor is very deadly.
  • Traders pay less for goods and rewards are lower overall. Repairing items are even costlier.

Negative Perks

You will need to choose at least 2 negative perks which will last throughout the entire game. Think of them as permanent debuffs that will make Henry’s adventure in the world of Bohemia that much more difficult! And if you really think you have what it takes, go ahead and select every one of them.

  • Nightmares: Every time you wake up you are shaken from your nightmare and suffer a short-term debuff. Sleeping becomes more of a “tactical” choice.
  • Claustrophobic: When you close your helmet visor, your attack lowers. You have to choose between better protection or higher attack.
  • Hemophilia: You bleed more which makes taking hits in combat riskier.
  • Numbskull: Lowers your XP gain. A perfect perk for players who thought the vanilla skill progression was too fast and felt overpowered in the late game. It’s more work to out level your opponents with this perk.
  • Shakes: For true sadists. Makes aiming a bow and picking pockets and locks harder.
  • Consumption: Your stamina regenerates slower. Combat is more challenging and requires thinking ahead of each strike.
  • Tapeworm: You get hungry faster, and since eating from pots around the world is no longer such a viable option, this makes the survival element even more prominent.
  • Sonambulant: Fun perk. There is a slight chance you will wake up somewhere else than where you fell asleep. Provides quite a challenge when you wake up in an unknown place and can’t see your position on the map. Very rarely you can also sleepwalk your place to some secret areas.
  • Brittle Bones: You must be careful while running down cliffs and riding a horse. Falls are more dangerous.

Game is on -30% at the moment during the Steam Summer Sale:

The Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC From the Ashes is live today, and developer Warhorse Studios has rolled out a new video providing a closer look at what players can do when they’re given the job of bailiff of a village being rebuilt on the ruins of a bandit camp.

From the Ashes is a little different from most DLC releases because it’s not an “extra,” but is integrated into the primary campaign. As the bailiff, you’ll make the calls about how the village is rebuilt, but it’s not city-building sim; instead, it’s more of a financial management system, where you tell your Number One Guy what you want (and ensure he’s got the cash to cover it), and then stand back while he makes it happen.

Different types of buildings will cost or generate money, but more importantly they open doors to new and unique opportunities. A stable, for instance, will enable you to purchase new horses that aren’t available anywhere else, and having an alchemy table in your town hall eliminates the need to look for one elsewhere. You’ll also have the opportunity to hire special NPCs to join you on your adventures, and help settle disputes between your citizens, which will influence their well-being and your finances.

Eventually, the village will start churning out regular revenues for you, unless you botch the job. Screw things up enough and your erstwhile benefactor will step in, liberating you from the weighty responsibilities of management that are clearly too much for you to handle. (I guess he hadn’t heard about the poop-throwing thing when he decided to put you in charge.)

Out on GOG, Humble Store and Steam. (Steam cheapest by R50-odd at just R79):

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Henreeee ooooof scallops

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