Last Epoch — a promising lootgrinder isometric RPG

Last Epoch is a Diablo-like action RPG that is currently in beta. It gets regular updates and is looking quite promising.

Class system

What intrigued me about the game was its class system. It has five base classes (Sentinel, Rogue, Acolyte, Primalist, and Mage), each of which has three specialisations or “Mastery Classes”, for a total of 15 classes.

From my initial 8 hours with the game, the progression system is even deeper than choosing skills and mastery from your class trees. Your skills have their own progression trees, allowing you to further customise your build.

Loot and crafting system

The crafting system seems well thought-out, but in my initial 8 hours with the beta I have some reservations / criticisms about the looting system overall. I’ll save that for a separate post, though.

Unfortunately the website doesn’t have a stock screenshot of the crafting system, so I’ll grab my own at a later stage and bomb it into the OP at some stage. Here’s their screenshot of the inventory and stat screens:

Pre-order / Early Access

Developer Eleventh Hour Games is selling “Supporter Packs” which is effectively a kind of pre-order of the game that gives you access to the beta. The game was originally Kickstarted in 2018, so these supporter packs are an extension of that.

Their lowest-tier supporter pack is available through Steam Early Access, and gives South Africans a much better price than paying the USD-denominated amounts on their website.


And here’s the blurb from the website:

Last Epoch combines time travel, exciting dungeon crawling, engrossing character customization and endless replayability to create an Action RPG for veterans and newcomers alike. Travel through the world of Eterra’s past and face dark empires, wrathful gods and untouched wilds – to find a way to save time itself from The Void.

Loot and Gear

Hunt for exciting randomized loot and rare unique, set, and legendary items to help shape your character and overcome epic challenges. Shatter magic items to obtain shards of their power to enhance other items through the crafting system. Last Epoch has a very deep loot system with interesting gear that will keep you wanting to hunt throughout Eterra and its timelines.

Online Multiplayer and Offline Singleplayer

Team up with other players to take on swarms of enemies and fierce bosses, connect with them to trade epic loot, or challenge them in glorious combat! Go offline and travel the various times of Eterra alone with only your strength to rely on. Either way, Last Epoch is doing online play right with server-side hosting to dissuade cheating and exploits, bring ladders, and competitive play.
Coming During Beta

Explore Distant Lands and Times in The World of Eterra

Lost to The Void long ago, your Era had ceded to its destruction. But now, you have found a way to save your world from its dark fate. Become the traveler and traverse through the different climatic moments in Eterra’s history. Fight the oppression of the Undead Empire, stand your ground against the Gods and their war, be witness to the untouched beauty of the world ignorant of humanity, and most importantly, discover the secret of The Void and the true nature of fate.

Endless Playability

Dive into a sea of unending content with our variety of end-game focused systems. Once you complete the main campaign the game still offers you untold hours worth of engaging gameplay. Hunt for rare legendary gear in boss runs and randomized dungeons, complete new questlines in alternate timeline versions of your favorite zones, experiment with new builds with our expansive skill tree system where every skill can be upgraded in vastly different ways. Engage with the community in leaderboards and player vs player combat to show your skill and grow your pile of skulls!


Here’s a video of the most recent patch, which was released at the end of May 2020.

Patch highlights (Full patch notes):

  • Class-specific armour pieces (helmet and chest)
  • 8th chapter of the game’s story
  • Buy additional stash tabs (with in-game gold!)
  • An in-game manual (for new and returning players)

The only question I have is will it be multiplayer? And not an afterthought like Grimdawn and wolcen?


Yes, hopefully the multiplayer is decent. They seem to have some good ideas for endgame systems. Hopefully those get translated well to the eventual multiplayer implementation.


It feels like a good game, so far its relatively easy, but overwhelming with all the bits and pieces. But its pretty, runs like butter. Cant wait to try the multiplayer


Can’t wait for the last whipe to happen so I can play it


Do we know when it will happen

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Apparently on release, they did say Q4 2020


Ok then I wont play more than just test their multiplayer. I am really impressed thusfar.