Lawbreakers studio moves onto new 80's style battle royale game

Last week it was revealed that Boss Key Productions, developers of Lawbreakers, will be stopping all new development on the game. In their statement they mentioned that they will be moving onto a new game. And now we know what that game is; Radical Heights.

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It feels like they are jumping in too late. I’ve had my fun with the battle royale but have since moved on to other things. I’m sure many other people feel the same way.

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they are obviously just trying to cash in on the BR craze, but if they manage to make a good one it could (finally) be a win for them.

I mean let’s be honest, there really isn’t a great BR game at the moment. Only 2 that are ok of which the one is semi broken and the other doesn’t really appeal to everybody

Millions upon millions of Fortnite players would begin to differ with your statement that it doesn’t appeal to everybody. Maybe it doesn’t appeal to you but there’s no denying its hugely popular.

yeah, but it doesn’t appeal to me and other people I know, therefore not everybody :stuck_out_tongue:

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the smart choice would have been to make a single player experience ie, gears like experience. Do what he’s good at, obviously development costs on these multiplayer based titles are much less thats why they’re sticking to it. He tried to pull a respawn (1st titanfall was multiplayer only) and it’s obviously not working (lawbreakers is not a bad game, its just a title in a very overcrowded market).

I actually just watched the gameplay trailer and I like what I see. The games show mechanic looks quite interesting.

Except no looting. Fuck that. Thats what battle royale is all about. Now you have to find cash and then go to a vending machine. Stupid

What other thing?
Battle Royal and variations of it is the way of the future for online gaming I think.

5 v 5 comp games do not appeal to such a large audience as Battle Royal games do.
The amount of viewers on twitch for Dota and CSGO have just been declining since PUBG and Fortnite.

Well currently I moved on to Elite Dangerous and Pillars of Eternity. I’m not much of a multiplayer person however.

The fools did they not learn?

there is looting too. you can see in the gameplay vid they drop their shit when they die

yeah but only when they die.

and you know i aint killing anyone.

LOL! I’m sure it’s not only vending machine based

PuBG and Fortnite are basically like Dota 2 and League of Legends at this stage. The forerunners for their genre and the benchmark at which other games are probably going to be measured.

BPK tried with Law Breakers, when there was quite a few other arena shooters around which where not doing so well. This is compounded with the fact that Blizzard had already nailed that corner of the market with Overwatch.

I’m not holding my breath for it to be super successful I am however, a tiny bit glad they finally ditched Nexon.

I totally agree, with Cliff B, as a director BPK could have made an amazing single player game, akin to GoW but with their own spin on things. Sadly this looks more like a cash grab attempt than anything else.

It’s funny because if you followed BPK on Reddit, they had been talking about a “Passion Project” for around 5 months. People actually predicted a BR type game back then already.

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