Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games


Layers of Fear


Nice. beat me to it :slight_smile:


your link is to masterpiece edition, which AFAIK isn’t free :wink:


Yeah this Steam automatic forum thing is always messing up. Changed it to a proper link.


It’s a good game for those who haven’t played it yet.


its alright. its one of the first games that gives me a slight headache if i played it for more than 30 minutes at a time. Dunno if its the DOF or the bobbing/distorting of the view, but yea, warning to those with motion sickness, this may not be for you.


If you add it to your account now you get to keep it after the free weekend ends.


Apparently it’s not the first time the game is free. I had it in my library already and wouldn’t buy it out of my own free will…


Its not, its been free before. that doesn’t mean its not a good post for anyone that missed it :slight_smile:


Swords and Soldiers free here


It’s a pretty fun game and quite humorous as well.


Free on Humble now, for limited time (48 hours I think)

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Found this today


Thanks. Suppose I should play life is strange first…


Yes check out my games release calendar thread. Shows all the games as they gets released.


Apparently Pillars of Eternity is free with a Twitch Prime subscription, and from what I’ve read, you get to keep it forever even if you sign up for a free trial… Gonna try it later today




wow! What game


I saw a couple comments on reddit:

“Why use a suicide simulator when I can do it myself anytime?”

“Higher replay value doing it this way.”


Yeah, no…

I already have prioblems upstairs :smirk: