Linux Kali users on the Forum

Hello, people anyone here using or that use Kali Linux.

Having a few issues with the new 2020.2 Distro in VB. I can’t seem to get my USB wifi card to recognize within this Distro. Mind you im still a sapling when it comes to Linux im just at a loss with this one.

Will keep looking but yea looking for help :smiley:


Perhaps @PsychoFish here can be of some assitance.


I’m not presuming to know enough about Kali. So let’s start with a few questions.

Assuming VB = Virtual Box

  1. What host OS are you using?
  2. Does your host OS pick up the WiFi card?
  3. How have you shared your network connection to your VM?
  4. Have you installed Kali in a VM, or just booted it as a live image every time?
  5. Been awhile since I’ve played with Virtual Box, have you installed the extension plugin, (if indeed you have gone the full install route)?

Frankly, I prefer KVM/QEMU with Virt Manager, over Virtual Box. Install and config, can be more effort, but stuff kinda just works after that. VB has tended to just break on me, and I’m like, wtf is wrong now?!? . But obviously, that’s not an option, if your host OS is Windows


hmm you know that moment you been sitting with a error for so long and when you so tired of it you ask for help and minutes later you get it fixed … FML been on this thing for a few hours now and i got it to work now…

  1. Host system Ubuntu
  2. It picked up the usb in lsusb. I did some driver installs and not that works.
  3. Depends on what i was doing. I needed this stupid USB to work so i could turn it into monitor mode.
  4. I have multiple VMs loaded in VB all are installed or VB image.
  5. Extension has been installed.

Hmm i have not tired the virt manager method. will look into it.


Great, so then sorted. :+1:

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yea for now ROFL

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yes, in short :

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yup it does take time to get used to it. lucky i managed to sort it out all systems are working 100% well some :smiley: