Liquid cooling or fans for my rig?

So i upgraded to a new Mobo and Cpu and also got a new Tower for all these goodies to go into. I need to add some more fans as the tower only came with one standard fan. And i dont want to damage any of the hardware. I dont plan on overclocking at all.

i was thinking of going the RGB fan route but as the case does not have a lot of spaces to draw air from to cool the inside, would you think i should rather look at putting in liquid cooling than fans?

Would you say liquid cooling is better than fan cooling?

i dont use liquid cooling but i have installed a few closed looped ones for friends and on the amd fx processors they make a definite difference in cooling temps, dont know how much of a difference it will do to the temps on an intel cpu though.

That’s a really nice case you have there, one you can add a fair few fans so airflow shouldn’t be too much of a concern. Also you’re not overclocking, so water cooling might be a tad overkill.

So, there are some fan and heatsink units that perform just as well as a small water cooling loop. Your biggest factors will be cost and complexity. Water cooling will be much more complex, and cost more than normal cooling solutions, but you will absolutely see a difference in operating temps. Normal air cooling will be much cheaper, easier to use, but will see higher temps. Getting the right air cooler for a bit more means that you will never see temps that actually put the boards at risk at all.

thanks, ja once my bank balance has recovered form my impulsive spending i want to upgrade the stock CPU fan to a coolermaster Hyper X 212 LED as well as add 3 of these Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB. althoug i suspect will also need to get a bigger PSU as i still have an old Antec 500w PSU

that 500w antec should be more than adequate, i have the same psu and its powering my 6 core fx cpu, gtx960, 24 gigs of ram, 4 internal drives, 6 fans, fan controller, card reader + an external drive and a multitude of flash drives with no issues

dont waste money on a psu, yours is definately fine

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Ok well if i dont have to upgrade the PSU thats awesome! More money for fans!

Nice chassis , its very similar to mine, those fans should be fine just make sure if you change your mind that whatever you buy for the front are Static Pressure since its better for pulling air through small spaces.

If you are not doing serious overclocking air cooling is fine, with no to mild overclocking the Hyper 212 is good as well.

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