Lock Pick sets

There is probably no way of asking for this without it sounding dodgy.
Does anyone know where I can buy a goodish set of lock picks? This isn’t for criminal use, but no matter what I say, I won’t be able to prove it. Really, you can trust me… :smiling_imp:

I’ve asked a couple of local suppliers but they dont sell to the public, or you must be a LASA (Locksmith Association of South Africa) member.

You can get them online, but I’ve read so many stories and reviews of poor design and materials.

I simply want to use them to play at opening locks, it’s a personal thing, not to use out in the wild. I have no urge to go to jail. Kind of like these two guys do:

I’ve been playing around with combination locks and pick them okish, would like to move on padlocks and tumbler locks.


There’s a whole lock-picking hobbyist community out there…


I know about that store, but not sure if its doing business. I’ve registered a couple of months ago, emailed them, nothing. I get this error when I try to sign in…really not instilling confidence.


Well that sucks. Sorry. They do seem pretty active over on Facebook? Good couple of recent posts and replies to messages. And even a link back to the store page to a recently added product? Maybe try sending them a message through there - could be that they don’t even know their website is dodgy.



SWEET! Thank you!

Sent them an email again, replied in 10 minutes. He’ll have a look at the account.
Looks promising from the facebook posts.

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Let me send you off :grinning:



I’ve been watching Lockpicking lawyer for the last couple of months and I know what you mean, the whole hobby just seems fascinating. He always makes it look so easy, picking some of the most complicated locks in less than a minute, but he probably has 1000s of hours of practice behind him.

I normally play as a Fighter or Paladin rather than a Thief, so my character has no lockpicking skill.


Great service from owner, he replied back quick after sending him an email about the disabled account. I cant find the initial email I thought I had sent, maybe I was about to send it, got busy and thought I had sent it months ago.
Placed my order and he phoned to confirm and thank me.

Ordered my first set!

@MetalSoup Yeah, I think BosnianBill works for the US Gov, from listening to his videos, he sometimes drops a hint here and there about it. Not sure about LPL.
But yeah, it’s not as easy as it looks, otherwise, everyone would be able to do it.
Also, I want to get hold of old windshield wipers, apparently the metal in them is ideal for making your own tools.

@Sweepslag WTH? How do you detect traps? lol. There is always a thief (female) in my party.


Ordered on Friday, got it today! Great service. Looking forward to being able to get into that damned sweets cupboard at work after hours…I mean…err…learning a new skill!


Dammit now I want to do that as well!

The sweets cupboards at work don’t usually have good stuff anyway.