Logitech is bringing back its legendary MX518 gaming mouse in 2019

A long time ago, in an age almost forgotten by some, there was a magical mouse. It was just perfect: the shape, the weight, and every feature you could ever want in a mouse. Those who didn't have one, coveted one. At least among my circle of friends.

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Still using my MX518. Can’t wait to get the 2de generation of this legendary mouse.


My friends had the MX510, which I could not get at the time. Eventually the MX1000 (the first laser mouse, I believe) released and I got that. An absolute tank but I loved it.

I recently got caught in the mousetrap and have been looking for a new mouse. This is a nice one but I think I’ll wait.

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Same here. All my friends had the MX518 except me. Don’t know why that happened.

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