Mafia: Trilogy (Definitive Edition Releases)

It’s a day of remaster announcements and teases it seems…

Live the life of a gangster across three distinct eras of organized crime in America. Discover the #MafiaTrilogy Tuesday, May 19 at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm BST at

The teaser contains short cutscenes from each of the 3 existing Mafia games, but does not specify if Mafia: Trilogy will be a single bundled release of the three games, or if they will each be available as separate purchases. There is an assumption that the release will include all of the DLC elements for Mafia II and Mafia III.

Also not clear is whether the Trilogy games will be simple remasters to get them up to current/next gen levels, or if this is to be a reimagining of the three games bundled into a new cohesive storyline? While the first 2 games (released in 2002 and 2010) could benefit from graphical upgrades to current generation console levels, Mafia III was released in 2016 for PS4/XB1. Perhaps a HD visual upgrade and some bug fixing?

I guess we’ll find out more next week…


Mafia 1 remaster :heart_eyes:


I have Mafia 2 and 3 but I’ll definitely get this

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The original Mafia is still one of my favourite games! I’m not as interested in the sequels, but if they can capture what made the first one so great, it will be awesome!


I played through all 3 games (actually one of the few series I have clocked all games of!) and the first one was mind blowing back in the day! The second games also darn good, and the third one felt a little like a “I want to be GTA” but still fun. Wont get the remasters, but would love to see Mafia 1 in the Mafia 3 engine!


The third one has an amazing soundtrack. The side stuff is very repetitive but the story is actually decent and the game isn’t too bad.

Please just make the race easier for Mafia 1. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mistakenly released pages for Mafia and Mafia II have appeared on the MS Xbox store which seem to indicate that both games will be released as “Definitive Editions” in late August.

The pages are both returning “does not exist” errors for me now, but you’re welcome to see if they work for you. They did for me the first time I tried each to grab the screens by cancelling the store change prompt. As soon as I entered a DOB into the Mafia II screenshots page, it disappeared:


If you stay in US region when clicking the link the pages work fine. At least on my side.

Definitely want Mafia 1 remaster. 2 I’m not too bothered about. The original game hasn’t aged that badly.

EDIT: Now only Mafia 1 link works.


Mafia 1 screenshots indicate significant upgrade! Now I might be swayed!


That looks great! I never played the first game, so I might just grab it. I love the time period it’s set in.


thats a massive upgrade. i still have mafia 1 and it looks nothing like this. This looks like they replaced the entire graphics engine, like bluepoint did with shadow of the colossus.

the big issue with mafia and the EA godfather game is you do alot of the same thing over and over and over, its not like GTA where there is a massive variety of things that you can do.

I’m thinking:

  • Mafia = Remake
  • Mafia II = Remaster
  • Mafia III = Refresh

All 3 as standalone Definitive Editions,that include all released DLC. Available for purchase as individual games, or all 3 together in a “Trilogy Bundle”.

i doubt its a remake, im sure they’ll utilise the original code and pair it with a new graphics engine like Shadow of the collosus or the anniversary halo’s, i doubt its a complete remake almost in the vain of FF7 or RE2 and 3 remake

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If you look at the MS store page it says “remade from the ground up” whereas Mafia II says “remastered in stunning HD”.


I am fanboying so hard over this! I was considering replaying the original Mafia again - I might just still do that. But this would be incredible. I just hope they keep it true to the original as much as possible. The attention to detail with the cars, the story-line. I don’t want them to make it more “gritty” and “realistic” by dropping in a million swear words like they did with the 2nd one.


thats gonna piss of alot of fans, as the games events might not play exactly like the original


Then those Final Fantasy 7 fans gonna be peeved too :rofl:


Look what I found while cleaning my old boxes!

Now where do I find a CD-ROM???


So snap! Found my original copy too earlier today. It’s still complete.:grinning: