Magic: The Gathering

Hey, I’ve been meaning to get into Magic: The Gathering for a loooooong while now, but I know next to nothing about it. I have been looking at getting something like a noob/new starter pack. Saw this Magic: The Gathering - Spellslinger Starter Kit 2018
Is this a good place to start? I see many different sets of cards, so I am royally confused. For example, will the about starter set be compatible with the 2020 sets.

How do you know which decks are compatible with which?


I haven’t played magic in so long.

If there’s no current players around here, I would recommend a visit to a local game shop that hosts MTG events to give you some advice and you can get involved in some casual games.

If you are in Durban, I can recommend a place to start


I have the best advice for you: DON’T DO IT!


Didn’t realise we had a dedicated thread for this… I has a bunch of MTG cards I don’t want/need. Any takers in the Cape Town area?


I want to play MTG with my youngest daughter, I have some cards but I need a lot more to make working decks. I cannot afford to buy cards at this stage but if anyone has them lying around and don’t need them, I will pay to get them to me via postnet.


Dude… I got like shoe box full.

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As you can see by the previous post to yours, I was looking for a taker. I can’t recall if I got rid of them, I’ll have to try and look through some boxes. If I find em you’re welcome to have em. Will be nice to know they’re being used :slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be amazing, thanks @Beo