Major games release calendar


I did a thing.

This is a Google Calendar with all the major game release dates for the rest of the year, with all the E3 announced games added as well


Awesome! Thanks bro! Works like a charm!



Assume I pre order f1 2018 does the shop only post it the day it releases.


Not 100% sure I think it gets sent out the day before that you get it on release day


I shall endevour to keep this calendar as updated as possible. So hopefully if you add it to your own Google Calendar, you will always be informed of when the next game you want is coming.

Using this calendar I’ve planned out my gaming spend for the rest of the year.


Just to keep everyone in the loop, I’ve updated the calendar with more games, added all the gamescon announcements, and started adding the 2019 releases we have confirmed release date for.


Thanks for this, appreciate the efforts.


No need go all homo on his Penis @BeoTeK



It’s 2019, and this calendar is still updated and fuller than ever!!


Appreciate it bud. I look at it often and then get depressed.