May the 4th be with you!

In honour of this auspicious Star Wars day please share with us your favourite Star Wars…

  • Movie
  • Character
  • Game
  • Book/Comic
  • Quote
  • (Etc.)

P.S. Extended universe is welcome

Here’s mine as an example:

Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Character: Obi Wan Kenobi (taking the prequels and series into account)
Game: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Comic: The Knights of the Old Republic series
Quote: “I find your lack of faith disturbing”



Quote: “And I thought they smelled bad… On the outside…”

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Game: Knights of the old Republic. Played the living S**t out of that game at LANs

I have never seen a star wars movie

f off

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Movie: The Empire Strikes Back (could there be any doubt about this?)
Character: Tough choice. Probably Han Solo; we’ve all wanted to be him at some point. Qui-Gon Jinn is pretty awesome too though.
Game: Tie (pun intended) between TIE Fighter and Empire at War
Comic:Never read one of these but have read some of the books; the Thrawn trilogy by Timothy Zahn is brilliant.
Quote: Crap, so many good ones… How about “No! THIS one goes there, THAT one goes there!”.

Game: KOTOR series

Fan conspiracy theory: Sith lord Jarjar

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Not a theory O_o

Snoke was actually Jar Jar, and was killed off in The Last Jedi so Disney could keep his true identity a secret.

You heard it here first, folks.

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Game: Star Wars Galaxies

Movie: You may hate me for it, but I really really liked Last Jedi
Character: Anakin/Vader (The Empire did nothing wrong!)
Game: Knights of the Old Republic
Comic: Star Wars (2015)
Quote: “You are no Vader. You are just a child in a mask.”