Metro Exodus

I really enjoyed the game but had two game breaking bugs. Had to restart the desert and then at the end another bug broke the area for me completely. Found other people with the same problem and last I checked they haven’t released a patch in a while.

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im gonna try and finish wolfenstein tonight and install this on the xbone


Which bugs did you get?

I got the flashlight bug (was super annoying), but I found a fix for it online at least.

These two:

I first had this one:

Then this one:

Aah unlucky. Weird that you as as legit owner with patched up game got the bugs and I with a 1.0 test copy finished it without issues. :stuck_out_tongue:


i see what you did there :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Great deal! If you missed it and want to take a look, it is also available at the moment on Xbox Game Pass and on Game Pass for PC. Doesn’t include the DLC at all though, just the base game. And also, no guarantee of how long it’ll be available through Game Pass.

I played the original, 2033, but wasnt too keen on the 2nd, Last Light as the 1st one was too much creeping around. I’m not good at stealth type games. But I bought it during some STEAM sale and got the remastered versions for both. (cant recall if I bought them or got them during a sale.)
Last Light is a very good game! I think I’m close to the end of the game. I do miss the weapon customization of Exodus though.

My test copy is not stable at all. After about 30 minute of play it’ll just hang and close, usually i can close the process but sometimes entire pc goes unresponsive :frowning:

Stopped playing as a result.

I don’t know why they don’t patch the game. There hasn’t been a patch in forever.

Maybe coz they showed their true colors when they went epic-exclusive :stuck_out_tongue:
They got your money, why spend time/effort fixing things?

if it was legit it would be :wink:

Pity that didn’t work out for @Solitude then

Not according to this thread and lots of people on Steam :rofl:

The only issue I ever had with mine was the flashlight bug but that’s a very easy fix.

Thats a shame, I’m lucky, first play through went without any hassle, in 2nd play through on a different card (both nVidia) and still ok. One or two crashes but so few that I dont even mind/really remember them. One annoying thing now and then, is when the game starts, every now and then, the game wouldnt allow me to skip the intro movie. I can mash any button, nadda.

@Mottamort, what GPU are you using?

Gigabyte 1080 G1

If it was available on Steam like every other Metro game I own and have 100%'d, it would be too :wink:

The first expansion is out today, The Two Colonels

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