Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is coming out this Friday.

Some of us were lucky to have bought the game last year when it had a price glitch at Steam. Of course it was announced later that the game will be an Epic Store exclusive for a year but those who pre-ordered it on Steam will play it there.

Who of you will be playing?

I actually took some time off work this Friday to watch the Super Rugby and play Metro Exodus. Really looking forward to it!


Not playing this, and it has less to do with the Epic/Steam debacle but more of an issue with the Dev

Would like to play the previous two games first. I love the aesthetic and setting, my biggest concern is I’m not a fan of playing jumpscare/horror games.


Wait a minute. So according to you Resident Evil 2 is not a horror game but Metro is?

Does not compute.

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i’ll be hitting refresh on /r/crackwatch since i’m not a fan of them yanking it from steam.

Lots of negative feedback so far from both PC and Console players

Steam reviews are currently Mostly Positive.

I haven’t had time to play yet but did some quick graphical tests.

For those interested the ray tracing looks great! Not so great is DLSS. I tried it out and yes, it increases fps by a lot but it makes things look blurry.

With RTX on high and everything else on Ultra I get 60 fps inside. With the benchmark it drops to 30fps outside so will have to test in game.

These were my benchmark results when DLSS was on:

2019/02/15 8:22:21 AM

Options: Resolution: 3440 x 1440; DirectX: DirectX 12; Quality: Ultra; Texture filtering: AF 16X; Motion Blur: Normal; Tesselation: Full; Advanced PhysX: On; Ray Trace: High; DLSS: On; Hairworks: On; Shading Rate: 100;
Run 0

Total Frames: 5463, Total Time: 104.5787 sec
Average Framerate: 52.72
Max. Framerate: 100.53 (Frame: 1004)
Min. Framerate: 6.11 (Frame: 4426)

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Haven’t played yet, just ran some benches. Had to turn Hairworx and Tesselation off to get something that looks decent in the Benchmark, so will have to see how the gameplay goes.

2019/02/15 18:10:44

Options: Resolution: 2560 x 1440; DirectX: DirectX 12; Quality: High; Texture filtering: AF 16X; Motion Blur: Low; Tesselation: Off; Advanced PhysX: On; Ray Trace: Off; DLSS: Off; Hairworks: Off; Shading Rate: 100;
Run 0

  • Total Frames: 4250, Total Time: 104.383 sec
  • Average Framerate: 41.19
  • Max. Framerate: 89.44 (Frame: 100)
  • Min. Framerate: 20.14 (Frame: 2902)

I’m about 8 hours in and I’m enjoying the game a lot. It both feels a lot like the previous Metro games and not. The biggest change is of course the open world. It takes away a lot of the claustrophicness of the other two games.

But what’s nice about Exodus is that there’s so much to discover. If you can see something then chances are good that you can reach it. There’s a day/night cycle so you can decide to sneak around at night when humans can’t see you easily or during the day when you can spot the monsters easier. I prefer to walk around during the day because so far I found that the human enemies aren’t that difficult. A headshot and they are dead. Monsters too but there’s normally a pack and then they overwhelm you.

I can definitely recommend the game to people who liked the first two. If you didn’t like the first two then I doubt that you’ll enjoy this one.


Guess i’ll wait for it to come to Steam

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I still need to play the first two :laughing:

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Haha, same here.

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At one point in the game I had to redo a region because of a bug that affects lots of people. I finally did that only to be stopped by another game breaking bug in the same area. I found lots of people with the same problem.

So I stopped playing for now until they fix it. That specific bug has been in the game for over a month now. I only have two save game slots (quick save and auto save) and they are both in the place that causes the game to crash.

I was so annoyed that I gave the game a negative review on Steam. Something that I don’t easily do.

Sadly they’re too busy counting the Tencent money they’ve been given :frowning:

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Started playing this (on PC) last night. Really enjoying it so far. The Metro games are just so damn immersive. It’s the only game(s) where I turn off the lights and put my headphones on to play so I can be completely drawn into the game.

I really like the upgrade system and the backpack you carry around for minor crafting. The huge open areas are a nice change of pace as well.

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I saw that review.

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That Bunker after the first area is done so well. Man, I’m really loving this game. I’m playing a “test copy” but I really want to buy the game when I can.

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Wait for it to come to steam so you can pick it up on a decent sale


This must be my game of the year at this stage, I enjoyed it so much. First played it on my GTX 1060 and then I got a RTX2070 (screw you nVidia with your damned Super cards now) so I’m playing it with the RTX card now.
The first time I saw Anna, just damn, she has to be thee most well-designed character I’ve seen. (also, I am male so that might have had an influence too. :wink: :star_struck:)
The game, the dialogue and characters might be kinda b-grade movie like sometimes, but the overall experience is amazing. Its very, veeeery seldom that I restart a game right after I completed it, I’ve got so many unfinished games I need to tend to.
I got it on STEAM when their pricing was wrong, got the gold ed with everything incl DLC for R400 something. Pity this while EPIC vs STEAM thing, screw this anti EPIC thing, competition is good, the EPIC store isnt bad, been using it for the Unreal engine, UT and Fortnite (play together with my son sometimes) and its only given me issues one (had to clear the install cache dir).


Agreed 100%. Best (new) game I’ve played this year so far.

I do know that Borderlands 3 will be my GOTY but until then it’s Exodus.

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