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Showcase your keyboards, or give us a story of your journey to find your ultimate keyboard. Whatever floats your boat, we know it’s a very subjective thing. I’ll start.

It’s been a long journey, to find good keyboards, so this is more of a highlight reel that stands out. My use cases have varied over the years: my job needs a keyboard, I game a fair bit, and spent over a decade LAN’ing when i think that was at it’s height (it’s dead now), mobile office, multi KVM like environments, makes for enfuriating shopping criteria. These are some of my highlights over the past 15’ish years.

I’ll start with the first keyboard, I regarded as the best keyboard ever made. Microsoft Sidewinder X6

Back when mechanical keyboards hadn’t made a come back yet. It sported a keypad you can magnetically disconnect and move to the left of the keyboard, dials for volume and keyboard brightness, dedicated macro buttons, media buttons, higher performance membrane keys, half height keys (not quite laptop keys, but definitely not full key height of normal keyboard), windows built-in integrated drivers ie. nothing extra to install. It checked so many boxes at the time, but seemed to go under the radar. I liked this keyboard so much, I bought 3. It was perfect for everything. More responsive than normal keyboards, for gaming or just normal typing. Could become tenkeyless (TKL) for LAN’ing where desk space was always an issue. Macros for my CS buys. This is the OG keyboard, that had it all. I still have one left. The two others went to close friends.

For a long time, I used the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse combo for work. They ripped off Apple, and made a faaaar better product. Who would have thought that was possible. You didn’t need the force of god to push a key. The feel of the keyboard was this matte’ish rubbery something, that just felt excellent. Easy to clean, light, with nice little touches, like magnets to hold covers in place. I still have it. Still use it, from time to time.

It was only bluetooth, so pretty much only for work at the time.

Next we have a Red dragon Kumara K522

I was looking to half heartedly try mechanical keyboards, and it was relatively cheap. Well, you get what you pay for. Well, it was a let down. The keys are louder than your Aunt speaking about private stuff at a coffee shop. And some of the keys backlighting fails sometimes. Still works fine. No software needed. Oh, it’s a full metal base plate, that you can go to war with. Ultimately, it being TKL, it landed up below the sim racing monitor. It’s a medium size foot print, and the only time I need loud keys, is when you’re typing with a VR headset on, you can even hear it through that.

Next as it happens, a friend that gifted me his old Corsair K68, and man oh man, was it great.

It was a full keyboard, so I did feel like I was giving up desk real estate, but it’s all good. Superior mechanical switches, akin to cherry MX reds I think. I even bought a white set of keycaps, to pimp my ride a bit was gorgeous.

That all said, I hate iCUE, Corsair’s software. It’s garbage.

I did find a Logitech G613. A godzilla of a keyboard, the size of a youtuber’s ego.

Why did I keep it? It had a discrete wireless receiver, and built-in bluetooth. And to make it even better, it buttons to easily switch between both. Say whaaat? I could game and work from the same keyboard? You have to understand, I had gone through the trouble of finding a USB switch, with button to switch my keyboard between laptop and desktop. So it was constantly irritating me to need all these bloody wires everywhere. I still use it but not on the main computer/simrig. Not enough flash you see, or hipster rep.

I moved on to my prize keyboard at the moment. Ducky One 2 Mini Year of the Pig 2019 edition. No the other one :joy:

Except mine looks like this

It was at this point, I realised all the other keyboards I’d used up until then, couldn’t hold a candle to this. Build quality, switches, onboard setup, no software needed. So many compatible keycaps available to make it look the way you want it to. The only thing, I’d say I didn’t want for work purposes, was the missing arrow keys. You know what this means right? I had to keep looking. It should be known, rebeltech had gone under by this time, so there were no local options available. And the way I bought this, was a little dodge.

Last keyboard I found, was the Cooler Master SK622.

The most infuriating keyboard to setup. Yet once it was, it was fantastic. But that was shortlived, admittedly not because the keyboard sucks. Windows bluetooth, needs to be taken out to the yard, and drowned in the pool, slowly. Endless problems. So I mentally moved on, and only used it for linux. For that use case, this thing was heaven. Pretty close to perfect layout, keyboard specific multi key shortcuts, that didn’t kill my fingers. Mechanical but more quiet switches, which didn’t annoy the wife. Keycap text specific to both windows and mac. Multiple profiles to use between bluetooth connections. All the RGB bling you could ever want. I was content. And then it started ghosting. It hasn’t stopped ghosting. Safe to say, it’s not being used at the moment. The more I used the Ducky, the more I found fault with the Cooler Master, and praised the Ducky. Switches are better, key stabilisation is excellent. Actuation is intentional and provides no doubt that you have pressed the key. More customisation. More upgradability. More fixability. More more more.

Anyhoooo, that was far too long. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk. Now you? What are you using that you like, or you’re proud of, or you learnt a lesson on?


Thanks for the mini essay @aldyr :smile:

My keyboard story is a bit shorter.

First proper keyboard I got was a Razer Lycosa. It was a graduation present from my parents and lasted me a good 11 years before it started dying and ghosting all over.

2 years back I finally entered the world of mechanical keyboards, albeit on a budget. Enter the Gamdias Hermes P1 - Brown-switches

For R500 I cannot complain. The mechanical keys are nice and responsive, the RGB ain’t all that bright but isn’t bad. The software is okay, but aside from playing around with the RGB colours and adding macros (which I don’t use), it’s entirely optional. There is one big issue I’ve found with the keyboard. After about a year I noticed that key presses weren’t being registered on some of the keys. I figured oh well, it was cheap, guess I should have predicted this. I tried some googling to see if there was a way to fix the issue, and one suggestion was to use electronic cleaner on the key actuator. I worked through the whole board and that seemed to fix the issue. It sometimes re-occurs, especially in wet, rainy weather (guess the humidity affects it) so all I have to do is pop off the key cap and spray some off the cleaner in and that usually fixes it up, good as new. It’s now over 2 years that I’ve had the keyboard.


Keyboards have never been a big deal for me and often I used old OEM keyboards.

At the moment I found a perfect keyboard combination for work and play.

For play at home I use the Steelseries Apex 7 TKL. I dont need the number pad and this gives me more space for the mouse on the pad. It is great for gaming but typing is too loud for the missus, and because it needs but a feather to push a button I make quite a few mistakes while typing.
Bonus is the extra USB slot it has so my mouse plugs straight into the keyboard!

(mine has RGB off :wink: )

Then in the office I use a bluetooth Logitech K780, with integrated cradle for a phone or tablet. Because it is bluetooth I dont need a silly dongle and I dont need to unplug anyting when taking my laptop home. This keyboard types SOOOO well!


Redragon Indrah k555w
Wanted a mechanical keyboard that fit my white+RGB theme i have going on, actually fell inlove with the harder , clickey keys
Before it gets asked, yes the white stays clean, headset and keyboard


For a long time I was using exclusively laptops for gaming and work and, subsequently, the built-in keyboards they came with. About 7 years ago I got my first RGB gaming keyboard, the SteelSeries Apex 300 - a gargantuan keyboard even to this day:

My wife uses it now for work-from-home purposes. The follow-up, that I still use at home for work and play, is the HyperX Alloy Elite:

It is a great gaming keyboard, but having red switches means it’s incredibly light and error prone. It is paired with a Razer Naga Trinity, where I alternate between the 7-button and 2-button side panels currently. I can feel it with the amount of typos I make when writing code. At the office I decided to delve into Logitech’s master range, with the MX Keys and MX Master 3 combo:

The combo is an absolute dream to work with. The keyboard is accurate and feels great, despite being dome / scissor switches. It feels a lot better than the Apple offering and has Windows and Mac markings on it. The mouse is also phenomenal, with the free-scrolling solid feeling mag wheel (for scrolling long code files) and horizontal scroll wheel, which is a god-send when working with very wide files (Excel, primarily).


But what is it?


For the first half of my gaming life I just used some or other generic office keyboard.

Then some time in the mid 2010s I got a Saitek Mad Catz C.Y.B.O.R.G. V7 Gaming Keyboard to go with my existing R.A.T 7 Gaming Mouse.

Was maybe a bit gimmicky, but was a great keyboard that I continued to use until about mid 2020 when some of the keys started failing.

I then upgraded to my current Logitech G513 Carbon with Romer-G Linear switches to go with my G502 Hero.

Great for gaming but the light switch action does cause me to reach for the backspace more often than I would like.


Mmm seems @DarkStar Darkstar and I shared a love of madcatz products :smiley:
The C.Y.B.O.R.G V7 was the first keyboard I bought myself when I got back into gaming after growing up and leaving home. I had to get this keyboard to match the my R.A.T 7 gaming mouse. Both being awesome products. As much as they were gimmicky they were also so darn cool.

I sold the keyboard eventually as it was just taking up way too much space on my desk and I got bit by the RGB bug and had to get MOAR RGB things. I still have the mouse and it still works.
One of the requirements for a new keyboard for me was that it needed to have keys similar to a laptops as at work during the day I typed a lot and thus wanted seamless integration whether im at at home and have to do work as well.
I finally settled on the Cougar Vantar. It was in the price range and had the flat laptop like keys that I desired. Its a great keyboard, that works great for gaming and working. Its also not very loud.


Many moons ago I bought a SteelSeries keyboard. I’m still using it. The end


I’ll come back to read your posts later, but I gotta say…

This topic’s title sounds pretty sus, even without covid protocols…


When I built my PC in 2009 I got the Logitech G11 Keyboard. I still have it.

I love that I can change the volume just by using the volume adjustment on the keyboard. I sometimes lean in to do that at work and realise I just have a office keyboard there.


I use a Gamdias P3

It’s alright. Before that I had a Steelseries Apex that I didn’t like at all. The keys were hard to press and I was very disappointed with it.

Before that I had my favourite keyboard of all time a Microsoft Reclusa (powered by Razer). I still use it at the office.


A couple decades ago, when mechanical keyboards were more commonly known as clicky keyboards, I managed to snap a Silicon Graphics keyboard from work when the company got bought out.

That guy lasted me until I left Canada.

Then I got myself a Mac, and got a mechanical keyboard with Mac keys for that.

It didn’t last as long as it should have, the power button was flakey, and the “USB Dock” was just an extension cable. It typed well while it worked though.

Eventually, I got myself a Razer Black Widow, one of the earlier models, with Cherry Blues.

They squished the width of the keys, and I kept smacking the macro keys by mistake. I ended up selling this to a friend after getting my next keyboard. I hated the narrow keys.

Back in 2013, I got, and am still using, my Das Keyboard with no printing on the caps.
That’s not my picture… It’s waaay too clean. The blank keycaps usually don’t cause a problem, but you can see the more used keys are a little more shiny than when it was used. From that, you can tell backspace is my most used key :sweat_smile: This one also has Cherry Blues, and a real USB 2 port hub. Keys are the correct width, and it doesn’t have any extras that I don’t want or need. This guy would be my last keyboard if it would last forever. The SGI one would come in second.


How you supposed to know what you’re typing?


On a lighter note, I had an HP keyboard that would disconnect/reconnect if it moved slightly, and considering it was used for a PC hooked up to the TV in the living room, it was usually on someone’s lap. I will usually try to keep things working as best I can, so one day I decided the only way to rid myself of this problematic keyboard was to physically destroy it. I banged it multiple times on the side of the living room furniture until I was sure it was toast.

I was still finding keycaps up until I moved. Ended up finding one under the carpet I replaced before selling the house.

The text appears on the screen.


New Ducky One 2 SF came today :hugs:


Well that’s just ducky!


What the duck is happening here?


Red pudding keycaps on the white Ducky One 2 SF with Cherry MX Silent Reds.
Tai-Hao grey with orange highlights on the Ducky One 2 Mini with Cherry MX Blues.
And finally the best keyboard of the lot: Ducky One 3 SF Daybreak with Cherry MX Reds. The thocc is real, and it’s glorious :star_struck:


I have no idea what you’re saying, but I approve of your DeskStand™️.

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