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Sorry if I’m overstepping or if it’s not my place but I’m really enjoying MEW, both the news and the community section, and I really like the Discourse (I think it’s called) architecture. It’s very responsive.
I just can’t help but get the feeling things are in ‘limbo’ so I was just wondering if things were happening in the background or what was happening. Maybe future plans.

Like I said, I’m not wanting to overstep, I’m really enjoying it here. Just interested.


There is a lot going on in the back ground but I think @DieGrootHammer or @SIGSTART and @Solitude might give you the best answer.


There are lots of plans and every now and then you’ll see things pop up. For instance the new front of the site which was only added recently.

Unfortunately many of us are super busy at work at the moment.

However you are always welcome to give suggestions and if you’d like to write for MEW that would also be great.


Where do I sign up?


Also the site is pretty new, it was only started in November last year and initially it was created as a forum only.

Since then we have expanded, and like Soli said, there is a new front page now. We have plans to expand the site and to get some exposure, but this is just a side project for all of us, if I can call it that? We all have other jobs which take priority so it is tricky.

Any of the authors can invite you to the team, I think?


You want to sign up for writing?

Send me your e-mail address and I’ll send you all the guidelines and stuff the other writers have already received. You’ll be a contributor at first so someone else will have to edit and publish your work.


@Entity, you’re absolutely not overstepping in any way at all, and I don’t think you should feel like you are asking such a question. The idea and philosophy of MEW are, as the blog site also states; Gaming, by gamers, for gamers. Full of win.

We as a community need to build and work on the site and come up with ideas of growing this place into not just a nice little hangout for us, but any gamers that need an online home.

There are a whole host of things that’s been discussed in the background, things that we still need to do, want to do, to help grow this site. It all will take some effort from not just the regulars and mods, but from everyone on the site. There is no elitist bullshit here where there are a secret group plotting and planning.

As was stated, we’re all doing this in the spare time we have. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way and time can become a factor. So there are plenty of places I would suggest that you can help out greatly. Some of these are:

  1. MEWME - We’ve started organising online sessions, and they’ve been extremely fun and well supported. But there is no reason why anyone should wait for one person to organise it. Why not organise and ask people who want to join a PS4 MEWME session, or something in that lines.

  2. Posting articles and threads - the basis of the site is a place where discussions, ideas and opinions can be shared around gaming or any other geek related topics. Create threads, post comments in many more, and help write some articles for the blog site. Scour the internet for some juicy hot news titbit to share, and let’s get sharing and talking

  3. Promoting the site - tell your friends about us here. Share the content you find interesting on your social media feeds. Let other gamers and geeks know about our little oasis. Let them join in the fun, or even join a MEWME event.

These are just surface level stuff that can be done. Don’t feel like you’re overstepping in suggesting or even starting something you think would fit well on the site.


…whats the point then

why am I even here :frowning:


To showcase your incredible talent for devious mischieve and plotting via a game of Mafia…:wink:


I have to say, I didn’t know whether to be offended or flattered when you mentioned that i’m crafty and ALMOST troll-like :smiley:


That’s great @DieGrootHammer, @SIGSTART, @Solitude . Yeah I enjoy the ‘camaraderie’ of MEW.

Ok cool. If it’s ok with everyone then I will take this on. Getting the PS4 MEWME going.

Yeah I don’t think I’m anywhere close to writing for the community and you guys are amazing at writing already, but I can start throwing threads out of anything interesting I find.

Of course I’ll do that. Already telling people at work to check it out.
It all started when I read that last post on MG. There was shock on my face reading that.

Thanks @SIGSTART but I’ll maybe start on posting threads for now.

And on another note, only saw the podcast thread today. Yeah. Super keen for that. Helping or listening. That’s going to be fun.


You are welcome to pm me with topic ideas as well I always need them!!!


Awesome :slight_smile:. Helping @DieGrootHammer get the podcast up and running is my goal for April.


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