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Hey everyone

So I thought it about time to create a giveaway thread here. I can copy the rules from MyG and put them here, or we can think of new rules or changes if you wish. Comments welcome.

For now though, the below giveaway is open to the MyGaming community Steam group only. I saw there are several people who have this on their wishlist, so have at it. I forgot to cancel my humble monthly sub and I already own Civ VI. Note this will not include the DLC, as I didn’t own that and kept it for myself (I’m stingy that way).

Steam Gifts image links

Awesome thanks, @Blazzok. Let me add one as well:


Its not safe to go alone, take this

just a fyi ,the image shows HD for whatever this is a normal key.


I still don’t know how Steam gifts works and I have quite a couple to give away. :frowning:


Well, you create/add a giveaway after you’ve logged in and linked your steam account (of yiu haven’t already).

Type the name of the game (steamgifts will auto search and you select the right one). Then you either select gift (if you want to send a gift link later) or key (if you have steam key from humble or gmg, etc.).
Select how long the GA is (start and end date and time), then who can enter the GA.
You can either leave it open to everyone, send specific invites, or limit it to a certain steam group(s). Usually I limit mine to the MyG Steam groups.
And then you post the GA.

Boom! Done. :slight_smile:

Edit: if it is a game in your Steam inventory, you’ll select Gift and then you can always say in the comments that you’ll invite the winner on steam and send them the game.


kwaai, thanx


Quick bump for visibility on the giveaways currently running



All those show as having 0 entries here by me. Is that correct? Why aren’t people entering? I own those games which is why I don’t but like Wyv will surely enter for Civ.


It has to do with Discourse not updating the code or something because all of those giveaways have entries. Mine giveaway has 3 the last time I checked.


That’s interesting, thanks. I can’t access Steamgifts at the moment to check.


Interestingly, I just edited my comment and reverted to the edited version. It seems the code is only executed once when you post your comment, then not again.

@SIGSTART something to note on your side


I pinned the post for you tho for the next 10 years.

And no one else is allowed to enter the Civ giveaway


Thanks. Discourse has a feature where it stores remote images locally, I think. So it’ll pull the image when you post and serve that first image every time rather than serving the one hosted remotely.

To avoid issues like remote images going offline like you see with most older forums and then you come back four years later only to find a broken image icon.

I’ll put it on my list and see if there’s an elegant workaround.


Why not just use a CDN for images as it will take some load off the server, plus some other nice things.


Good idea. I’ll look into it. If you’ve come across any Discourse-specific tips in your travels, please send them my way.


Also had 4 entries on mine last time I checked.


awesome initiative. Only reason i’m not entering is that PC gaming isn’t really my thing. but I will rummage around my steam account and see if i can find some games to contribute to the cause.


Nice. Maybe we can start giving games away again and people here will enter if they plan to play it, and things will go smoother than before :slight_smile: