MEW Multiplayer evenings



I can also do Terraria.
We could try Civ 5, usually enjoy the game, but we shouldn’t aim to finish a game.

Deceit looks interesting


Looks like Terraria is taking an early lead.

I’m up for Terraria as well. Haven’t played it for MEWME so could be nice to do. Also, for Terraria, what we will do is set ourselves a challenge. A challenge to try and complete within the time of MEWME.

We could also play a lightning game of Civ 5/6. They do have shortened versions of the game, or we could play with our own rules and our own challenges, like saying the first person to research a particular tech wins, or that destroys a certain number of towns wins. Or something like that.


bump bump


And count me out - I am officially suffering from internetlessness


Last I checked that’s couch co-op only, Overcooked 2 is incoming with online co-op though!


URGH, yes I know I slipped up yet again. I should organise another MEWME for this upcoming Friday I think. And as things stand right now, I think we’ll be doing some Terraria


Right then, let us revive MEME again!!!

This Thursday evening at 19:00 until 22:00, Golf With Your Friends! Get the game, come join us on Discord and have some fun!!


Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I will be there from 8ish thanks


Good! We need more peoples!!!

From next week on I’ll let people select which game they want to play, but for now we’ll begin with a classic.


We start with the one that causes the most Belly laughs !


I should be able to make it


I’ll grab a copy of the game this week and try make it on Thursday - it sounds like it is a lot of fun


I’m going try make it for 20:00


I might not make it Thursday… Or maybe only the last little stretch if people are still around.


I saw a steam calender thing last night, but noone was in discord…what was that about?


Not a clue I was running my first raid in D2,


Oh that the time reset on me. Its set for Thursday now.


Ill be there


I shall also be there.


Reminder that this is happening tomorrow evening. Everyone welcome.