MEW Multiplayer evenings - MEWME

Fellow Mewbs, we are all gamers. And as gamers, it is our RESPONSIBILITY to play games. And I know you would like to play games together.

That is why we need to start the MEW Multiplayer evenings. The idea behind this initiative is to get people of the community together and for a few hours a week playing some games together. Perhaps it’s games outside of your comfort zone, perhaps it’s games you’ve always wanted to play.

Multiplayer evenings are one night we all get together, jump onto Discourse, and play something, either together or against each other. We need some suggestions for games and nights you would be available for these evenings. Each week we can have different gaming nights depending on the availability of people. If you would like to join us, let us know in the comments below!!


@DieGrootHammer have you setup a MEW Discord server yet? If not its probably a good idea :wink:

Il be in for games at night, mainly once im in the new house, but can still try to join when i can…

Ps: PUBG!!!

So Dark Souls 3 then? :smiley:

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Wahahahahahahahahaha I knew (mew) this was coming!!!

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There is already a MyG Discord server, so it will probably just be renamed to MEW, I think.

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Im in depending on the games :smiley:

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You should start making a list of MP games you can play, that won’t trigger the “I’ve been poisoned” response :slight_smile:

That is what we will do for now. We’ll use the MyGaming Discord until we can rename it to MEW.

NO!! That is not the multiplayer games we’re talking about…

My suggestions are:

I’m keen - I’ve got a fair few of the less mainstream MP games in my library that would be great to try out.

I would love to join in on Terraria! I’ve never played it mp before, and so did get a bit stale. We should get a list going of all the mp games everyone has as a starting point, but I’ve no idea what would be the best tool for this.

Hahaha problem is I never know if it will trigger or not till I watch a gameplay vid - but most FPS will count me out - But dont let that stop you guys from playing it - i will just sit out on those occasions

People can PM me their lists (to not spam this thread with lists) and I will compile it, then I can post the list here once I’ve received enough of them with the matching games from everyone.


@DieGrootHammer can you maybe post a link to the MyGaming Discord?

To prevent unwanted people from dropping in, I think we should distribute it via PM perhaps.

I’ll PM you the link.


Heroes of the storm
Killing floor 2
Payday 2
Alien swarm reactive drop
The crew
Don’t starve together
War thunder
World of warships

Cmon let’s do this.

I can basically game weekdays from 5pm til 11pm

Saturdays from 12am til whenever
And the whole of sundays

I would even play warcraft 3 custom games over tunngle

Thanks Blaz. Hopefully we can have the Discord changed within the week. Most of the evenings there is someone on there in anycase.

I’m keen.

PUBG can also be fun in squads. And Dark Souls 3 co-op and online d&d and such.

i would also like to partake in this, but will probably only be able to do so after 9 in the evenings

Yes. I need people to play with. Overwatch and CIV. We could have some hectic CIV battles.

sounds like a good idea