MEW Multiplayer evenings



Is this happening?


What about Murderous Persuits this week? Limited-time free Steam/Origin/etc. games . It looks interesting


Saw and read bad things about the multiplayer aspect of the game so would not recommend.


I’ll test it out and report back on how it is. It is free after all


I got it just in case. Would still have to download it though.


Anyone up for something or is everyone 100% into gameclub destiny 2?


I feel like something RTS, but when I checked my calendar yesterday, I noticed that I don’t really have a free evening this week. :confused:


We should have a Age of Empires II HD evening - there are some fun maps that we could play


Anyone up for something sometime soon?


Always up for something would not mind another jackbox


Some Destiny 2? :sunglasses:


Do you play Age of mythology?


Nah, just have AoE 2 HD


I’ve got both, although I prefer AoM. AoE really has one annoying scout.


…things are happening…

…things are really really happening…


So cryptic… :thinking:


So whats the game?


Golf or Jackbox.
Nothing else seems to work


Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, it’s time to redo MEW Multiplayer Evenings!! It is time for…

MEWME 2: Reloaded

As there were a lot of issues last year trying to get either games or times set for MEWME, this time we shall remove some of the ambiguity and make some official rules. Starting next week, MEWME will have a fixed time during the week. Each THURSDAY EVENING from 19:00 until 22:00 will be the set MEWME evenings. Each week on Thursdays we will come together and play some games. If other days are needed to be added, no problem, some ad-hoc MEWME evenings can be organised on other days should there be enough interest.

Now, what about the games. Well for games we cannot really dictate a fixed game as not everyone will have the games in question. But, having a poll up the week for the game to be played does not work, and didn’t work last year. So now we will decide the games more in advance. We will vote on the list of games to be played for the month, so 4 games voted over 1 full week to decide the next month’s MEWME Games.

So now, for the list of games. This shall be decided beforehand, and if other games wants to be added to the list, well, it can be added to the next month’s list of games to be voted on.

To start off, for January the games are:

  1. Jackbox Party Pack
  2. Golf With your Friends
  3. Left 4 Dead 2
  4. Garry’s Mod

With that settled, the next poll of games for February will be done later on this month. EPIC GAMING AWAITS!!!


Remember, set your calendars and reminders so that this Thursday we start off the first MEWME for 2019. I think we start off with a casual game of Jackbox Party Pack to start things off with. Next week we can do one of the other games. Just comment here if you are interested in joining and/or hosting. And THE MORE THE MERRIER!!! Everyone and anyone is welcome to join! Like seriously, anyone!!