MEW Multiplayer evenings



Enjoy guys!


Will you be joining?


No sorry, I take part in a betting show on Thursdays.


Ok, Good luck, I hope you win.


If I make it it will be late - I shall try and force nima to play along


I’m going to be like 10 minutes late. Only got home now.


Enjoy guys! My thing is cancelled but I think I need some Soli time. I hope you guys have a good time though.


I don’t understand the need to use mixer or twitch we literately had no luck yet you keep going back to it. I just had a loading screen and nothing else and I do have a 6meg line so if it wants more than that it can go screw itself.


we using discord


ARG! It’s Thursday!!! Flip, I almost forgot. Quickly downloading Discord…


Messed up the discord installation, and now my pc won’t boot. Joy :expressionless:

Have fun!


Greg tried Twitch and the lag was simply too long.

Then @Donisia reminded us that we should be using Discord itself. We switched to that after we finished that first game.

Sorry for not being more communicative… we were all struggling to get the thing to work.


I feel your frustration Waco. And, for what it’s worth, I agree. Jackbox Games are bloody fantastic for multiplayer fun, but it only works when everyone gets to see the main game screen at the same time. It’s especially good for games at home with the mates when everyone is bored with Cards Against Humanity and the beers have been flowing. But it can only work for MEWMEs if we have a way to push the game screen to everyone with as little delay as possible. And for that, because of where we are, even Mixers’ FTL service is kak.

For games that don’t need to have a shared screen, it’s all good, but for Jackbox specifically the solution for future evenings is to go straight into a Discord session and share the screen there - it worked beautifully (thanks Donsie!) Twitch, Mixer and probably YouTube just aren’t going to work for this unless we get ingest servers closer to home. Hopefully one day.

Thanks to those who did stick around and joined the game on Discord - was a lot of fun.


Right, ladies and gentleman. Last week was a good start to the new year of MEWME, and we’ll continue this week with another session on Thursday evening. This time, let us revisit an old classic, Golf With Your Friends

Again we’ll start at 19:00 and continue to play until about 22:00 this Thursday. You are more than welcome to join any time!!


If I make it I will be there from 8ish


Hey everyone. Remember that tonight is another round of MEWME!! Playing some Golf With Your Friends tonight, from 19:00 until 22:00. Join us on Discord if you want, and anyone is welcome, yeah, even you lurker.


Enjoy guys!


i will be joining


I shall do my best


I might get on at 21:00 just got home from Rustenburg.