MEW Multiplayer evenings



Sorry guys I skipped it, I don’t like the L4D2 stuff


Well I poeped myself because of them witches


Ah when I looked at discord no one was on.


Can we golf with friends on Thursday night?


I left cuz no one was there :sweat_smile:


Right, so this weeks game was supposed to be Gary’s Mod, perhaps some mods playing in it. But there is a suggestion to play Golf With Your Friends again. All in favour for a few rounds of Golf, or Gary’s Mod?


I see what you did here… and im not sure i like it… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I will do my best to be there, cant promise yet - golf for me


Make a choice…Golf or Gary’s Mod? I’m up for either, but my heart leans to Golf With Your Friends, because most of us already have it and we know it works. We can always try out some Workshop maps as well.


The workshop maps I can tell you are more fun :smiley:


Sorry, I’ll be staying over in Rustenburg.


I am in for tonight. Looks like me and @DieGrootHammer and @Tom is playing some golf.


As long as my anti people mode doesnt kick in I might make it as well


ag asseblief. Hoe is jy anti people?


hehe elke nou en dan kan ek nie cope met mense nie, dan kruip ek weg
Ek is geen social butterfly nie, eintlik baie antisocial - dis why ek die jayjays werk doen en multiplayer games speel - is al hoe ek socialise :stuck_out_tongue:


Ek sal vir jou n joint bring. Dan is jy baie social.


Ek en joints is nie vriende nie, laaste 2 keer het dit baie sleg gegaan - ek raak of paranoid of aan die slaap


I can join tonight

might have to message me when the time comes, gonna be busy with ME Andromeda and might forget the time XD


Right, I’m connected and waiting for anyone that would like to join


Thanks for everyone that joined last night. Was fun playing the workshop maps for a change!