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Ah so plenty of cap to stream then! I’m glad that the LTE is working out for you. Haha was I making you nervous? That CC got you even when I didn’t comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you :smiley:, which videos did you end up watching? I’ve recently changed my monitor and have had to start adjusting my stream settings again and it isn’t perfect yet so will need to play around with that again.


Only little bits of the latest 3 ones. All looked good as far as I could see :slight_smile:


I saw something cool the other day on Twitch. I had hopped onto Shroud’s stream (probably one of the most popular streamers on Twitch) and he was about to end off the evening so apparently one of the things he does is find a random, fairly unknown streamer and host their channel on his while he is offline. For those who don’t know, this means that everyone watching his stream gets tuned into the hosted persons stream. In effect, the hosted streamer now has a horde of viewers all of a sudden watching their stream.

The streamer he’d chosen, Cavick, was overwhelmed to say the least. It was pretty awesome to see his response as thousands of people were now viewing his stream. Many “follows” and “subscriptions” came flowing in as a result. This is pretty cool as it helps put this lesser known streamer on the map.


TimTheTatMan is another streamer who also likes doing this. The only negative thing about doing this is that new streamers seem to always ask him to host them. They’ve been streaming for a couple of months and realized its harder than they thought and now think getting a big streamer to host them will give their channel a massive boost.

It really annoys me that people do this as they clearly do not seem to understand that being a successful streamer will require hard work. I remember watching TimTheTatMan back in the day when he streamed CS:GO and he couldn’t afford to open cases because he didn’t have the money.

These days he can obviously afford it but only because he worked hard and dedicated himself to building his community and also being a overall nice guy helped a lot :smiley:


Tried out streamlabs OBS, would appreciate some feedback on the layout or anything that needs fixing.

I stream on my UW so trying to figure out how to sort out the black bars too.


Looks good man. What’s the purpose of the overlay items? Are they purely for notifications etc?


Thanks for checking it out. The box is for twitch chat, the header is purely aesthetic. I’ve moved the chat box to the mid right hand side as well as added and events list to the bottom left corner. I’ve also bumped up my mic volume as a friend said it’s soft. Have you noticed anything else?

My plan is to stream next Saturday to try out the changes. Possibly more cs and then some overcooked.


Had a little look see too (although Twitch continues to hate me, and me it! Buffering every few minutes even on VODs, unless I drop the payback resolution to sow unwatchable.)

Overlay looks good all round, nice clean interface. Assumed the empty rectangle on the left is for a chat feed or something similar? My only crit about them would perhaps be that they look more suited to a fantasy/rpg game, but that’s a personal opinion. You may also want to add your stream name and streamer name into your overlay somewhere - if I’m watching fullscreen I have no idea who I’m watching.

Don’t think your mic volume was too low, but was a little confused as to who was speaking when. Without a camera on your face I sort of guessed which voice was yours. Is there a way to show who is talking on screen?

I also checked out your video and display resolutions in the video stats, and as you suggest, the UW output is probably the cause of your black bars? Both of the resolutions look pretty non-standard to me, and I don’t think you’re going to be able to avoid the black bars entirely.
In SLOBS: Settings -> Video: Check the Output Scaled Resolutions and find one that is as close to 720p as possible (unless it’s changed, non-partnered Twitchers are pretty limited in their video outputs and I think 720p is still preferred?) Other than that, I’m not sure there’s anything you can do other than maybe fill the spaces with overlay elements.

While you’re in the SLOBS settings double check that you aren’t rescaling your scaled video. In Output, check the “Rescale Output” option is off.


Yes the rectangle is for the chat feed, I agree it doesn’t quite match the CS theme although I’m keeping an eye out to something to blend in with a variety of games. If you see one drop me a pm! That’s a great idea, i’ll find a spot to add my stream name.

That’s true I didn’t consider that confusion! I’m not sure yet but i’ll look into how to have a pop up when speaking.

Indeed there’ll be no avoiding the black bars unless changing to playing in a 16:9 view, although I am looking into how to move some overlay things into the space, it’s not as straightforward as I expected.

I didn’t notice that second rescaling option, although I had both set to 1964x822 so I turned off the Output as you mentioned. I tried to stick to 720p the two closest options were 1964x822 (The one I used) and 1720x720. I could try the other res in a follow up stream and get some feedback on which is better.

Thank you for checking it out and the helpful feedback!

This is the current layout and background image, which is usually under the game capture.


Don’t know if you have, but if not, definitely take a look around the Themes in SLOBS - they have hundreds of pre-built overlay sets and scenes that are pretty simple to customise and apply right in the application. There’ll definitely be something in there that you can adapt to suit a variety stream.


The current set I’m using is from SLOBS themes, it’s ease of implementation made me move over from OBS. Will dedicate some time to getting the layout properly soon! Will drop a link for the stream / VOD next week saturday and hopefully get some more tips on improving.

I just had a look at your channel and really like the theme. I don’t see a schedule, when do you stream? Would like to check it out.


I’m more a hobbyist than a streamer at the moment :slight_smile: I just like the technicalities and design elements of it all. Haven’t really considered a regular stream schedule - and without a regular work schedule at the moment, it’s doubly difficult.


I used twitch premiere to upload and release a scheduled video just like YouTube - it has a countdown and event page. I found that quite interesting, here’s how the event page looks and the video I tested with - recorded a while back so no overlay and in 16:9. COD MW2

Event page -
Video -


Any Overcooked fans? Let’s Play Overcooked! 2:


Trying to get some support for a suggestion I posted on the Mixer Feedback Portal:

A vote and a share (if you Care :slight_smile:) to any XBox Clubs and Facebook Groups that you belong to would be nice. Please and Thank you, etc.





me too . . .



Twitch streamers… this is for you!

In the latest of my ongoing efforts to try and figure out how to get a better connection to the Mixer ingest servers, I’ve been in contact with my ISP (Cool Ideas) to see if there’s anything they can do to help. In the course of those conversations they told me about a service for local Twitch streamers that they’ve been trialing since May already.

Called a relay server, essentially it allows local streamers to establish a direct connection to the Twitch ingest server in London using a dedicated local server that sends the signal through Cool Ideas’ unused upstream data capacity.

It works through any streaming software that allows you to set a Custom Server (OBS, XSplit, SLOBS should all work.) And the best bit is that the relay server is available to anyone that wants to use it, regardless of your ISP.

Details about setting up the relay server here: and a longer user overview here:

There’s also a shortish MyBB thread that has a fair bit of very positive feedback in it here:

If you do try it out, please do a before and after test for us and post your results here. I’m hoping that if Cool Ideas see an uptake in their Twitch Relay Server usage and see how many streamers are benefiting from it, it’ll help to convince them to expand it to a Mixer Relay Server too.


Pop poll:

As a stream viewer would you rather watch a low quality stream with very little delay or a high quality stream with some delay? Both are 720 @ 60 fps streams.

The first has some screen tearing, some stutters, some broken audio, some dropped frames - it’s watchable, but not very good at all - but there’s next to no delay between you and the streamer.

The second is a much better quality stream - buttery smooth visually, no audio issues at all, zero dropped frames. But there is a 30-45 second delay between what you’re seeing and the streamers game.

  • Low quality, no delay stream
  • High quality, some delay stream

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I’d prefer better quality unless the game is being played with viewers and low latency is required