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You should really think about it as talking to an audience. Unless you think all the other streamers are assholes. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean there is a certain amount of interaction with the viewers mostly, which is kinda difficult when you’re starting out and don’t have much of an audience.

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Yes I completely understand that. The problem is the beginning. Cause you will have to learn how to narrate as you go along. And that’s the weird part. Doing that narration as if there is an audience while you start out and there isn’t one.

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I get that, I have the added problem in that my voice sounds terrible when I record myself. Lol I even got a few comment on my youtube videos that I sound like an Ent talking.

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yeah, I haven’t even touched that aspect of it. I sound like an idiot to myself.

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I don’t stream but I do record and upload gameplay videos. Even if I wanted to, a 1Mbps upload connection makes streaming impossible.

And yes, talking to yourself feels weird. :blush: Sometimes I add narration, sometimes not. It helps having a bit more time to think about what you want to say, but even so, I prefer to be more unscripted; it’s just more fun and “real” that way.

Yeah, im lucky enough to have internet for streaming. I also feel kind of bad for my wife, it feels like I games too much already. Maybe i will have a chat with her tonight and see if we can work out some sort of schedule. I’m also thinking of the streaming thing in order to force me to finish games. I have so many games that I never play or only play for a few minutes and then never goe back to them again. I think if you go with the aspect of I’m streaming this and I want to make it a complete thing, that that might help. But who knows.

Probably a wise move. Family should always come first. I try and limit my gaming time to when my wife is not home or when she has work to do (the kind I can’t help with). And I definitely try to limit my narration recording to times she isn’t home :smiley:

Yeah i also do this. For me it normally means from 5pm-7pm. But I think I can twist her arm to push that 8 pm. Maybe three times a week and maybe then on like a Sunday or Saturday for a longer few hours.

Not really something I’m interested in, and also my internet won’t cut it.

What I have wanted to do is do the live play thing via Steam, so a friend can watch/spectate you, however once again I couldn’t due to my crappy upload speed.
It is still something I’d like to do though, so you can check out the game while a friend plays or just discuss it as he plays.

Yeah, I have asked the PUBG people to do this so I can sit and watch, but no one wants to do it.

Am considering this.

So I discussed the plan with my and she said she is on board. Sweet. Guess its time to start doing homework to get the ball rolling.

Look out for going live soon

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What will you be streaming?

Well, I kind of want to use it to force myself to finish games I never finished. So will most likely fall in the variety gategory. At the moment I am planning some Overwatch and some Monster Hunter. But also whatever I feel like. I honestly haven’t gotten that far into the planning stage. I just want to sort out the groundwork so long and then I will take it from there.

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Maybe some MEW multiplayer evenings. With consent of course.


As far as I’ve researched, isn’t the recommendation to have a rather beefy machine if you are planning on streaming? I’ve seen a fair few videos and articles on the subject covering streaming machines that are extremely overpowered. Perhaps I am mistaken on this.

Also, after last night I definitely think the MEWME events must be streamed!!

PlayStation and Xbox both have these capabilities built directly into their consoles, don’t they?

I have done a few tests here and there and my machine seems to handle it just fine. I did run into some issues when I tried to stream and record at the same time at 1080p 60fps. So I will start out at 720p60 and see how that goes.