Unable to edit own (old) post


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I cannot seem to update my original post.

MEW Streamers (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer)

Is there no edit button, or is there a button but it does not want to work when you click it?


Yeah @Talentloos check to see if you’ve got this option:


Click it and then you’ll be able to see the edit option.



Yeah I don’t have that.

Edit: this one I can edit fine. Just not the first one.


Wow, well this is the job of SUPER ADMIN!!

Some say his code resembles the bars of music Mozart wrote, but only to those that don’t know code, and his favourite song is Blue by Eiffel 69. All we know is, he’s called @SIGSTART


You rang?

(I’ll see if super admin powers can fix it when I get back to my PC.)



This is an anti-spam feature which will hopefully be remedied once Discourse figures out how to handle automatic promotions to Trust Level 4.

However, it’s also a great reason for the existence of the wiki feature. Now that people are Trust Level 3 (“Regular”), they can set their own new posts as wiki. A wiki post means anyone who is Trust Level 1 or greater may edit the OP.

I have made @Talentloos’ thread a wiki and tagged it.

Tagging wiki posts will help folks track down important topics in future, though we may want to come up with a new name for them so we can tag topics like the Discord invite thread (not a wiki) and the various nickname topics (Steam, Battle.net, etc. — good examples of posts which should be wikis) using the same tag.

EDIT: Here’s thee relevant topic on the Discourse Meta—


He did it…

Be in awe


Thank you @SIGSTART. I didnt want to bother you with it but @DieGrootHammer seemed to have other plans!


The trick is to summon me with a Stig introduction that is also reminiscent of The Matrix.