Microsoft Azure datacentres launched in South Africa

Microsoft has launched Azure regions in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Anyone play games that are dependant on Azure cloud services? I know Titanfall and Rainbow Six: Siege uses it.

Azure is the first of Microsoft’s intelligent cloud services to be delivered from the new datacenters in South Africa. Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity solution, is anticipated to be available by the third quarter of calendar year 2019, and Dynamics 365, the next generation of intelligent business applications, is anticipated for the fourth quarter.


EA loves using Azure, multiplay (game server hosting provider) also uses Azure (although not exclusively)


This is great news however now I’ll probably have to move all our resource groups to the new location (south africa north). Can’t seem to find that option in the Azure portal… that or i’m just blind.

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FINALLY!! I wonder if this means we’ll see more missing features coming to SA Xbox. There were always these little, not so frequently used things on Xbox that never made it to SA.