Microsoft New Quadruple A Studio The Initiative hires more top class staff

Since Microsoft's anouncement of its newly formed AAAA studio aptly named the Initiative that is based in Santa Monica California their message from the get go was to recruit the best talent from across the gaming industry to develop a AAAA title for the next generation of consoles.

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I really hope they make something super awesome. And hopefully something single player. Damnit. It feels like MS is just focusing on multiplayer the whole time.

The whole industry is moving towards multiplayer, games-as-a-service and lifestyle games (i.e. MMO). I never saw the appeal and recently the only games I have a desire to play are The Division, Destiny 2, Guild Wars 2 and Elder Scrolls Online on PS4…

A large part of the industry definitely, but I won’t agree that the whole industry is moving towards multiplayer. Lots of developers are still making amazing singleplayer games.

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