Microsoft's Next Gen Console(s) is referred to as Scarlett set for 2020

At E3 2018 Phil Spencer announced that Microsoft is already in development of its next generation consoles (yes he said consoles not console). Quite a bold move considering the Xbox one X only launched less than a year ago.

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Yeah ol Phil just casually commented in the presentation that they are working on new consoles, and that was really intriguing to hear. It’s rather short after their release of the Xbox One X.

I would hazard a guess that it will not be a wild departure from the One X. More power, better processor, but ultimately have the same backward compatibility that has served them so well in the past.


It will be a definite buy for me if that’s the case. I hope we get it at the same time as the rest of the world.

sweet then i get your X right? R50?

They would be stupid not to do it. And seeing how they have been pushing BC the past few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if all Xbox One games will work from day one on the new consoles.

haha it’ll be more than R50 but I will sell it for cheap to one of you

ok fine. R150

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Having a love hate relationship with consoles right now.
I just want a box that I can put a disk in and play.
Thats all I want.

Don’t force me to go onto the Internet or release half finished games that need a day 1 update.

I’ll see what the price is and how Dependant it is on the Internet to fix their half finished software to meet launch date.
Might skip it and upgrade my hunting bow.

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Going by how speculation is that it’s the same system as the ONE but, with Ryzen/VEGA it would be crazy not to allow it to happen. I wonder if 360 compatibility will still work, or if they will leave it with the ONE.

Well seeing as they are now adding OG Xbox games to backwards compatibility, and these runs of essentially an emulator, I would say that they would keep all compatibility as now. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they don’t do that.

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