Millenials spend more time gaming than other generations

Interesting study.

Do you guys think that generally matches with the demographics here on MEW?

Approximately 52% of millennials surveyed by Fandom reported gaming as their top interest, with 40% of millennial participants spending more than 22 hours a week gaming.

Millennials are also more likely to spend on games than other generations. According to the report, millennials are 24% more likely to be influenced to purchase a game.

The report also noted different gaming habits between generations. Millennials were more likely to play games such as MMOs which 41% of millennial respondents played, strategy games at, 27%, and RPGs at 26%. These games such as Elden Ring, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Fallout, etc. Teens and pre-teens preferred competitive genres such as battle royale, in which 49% of teen respondents reported playing.

Gen Z likes to game to unwind, and millennials like to game for exploration and intellectual stimulation. In general, young people game to build social connections, while older generations want to relax.

Millennials tend to prefer PC gaming over consoles, while the teen and preteen groups had a stronger preference for mobile gaming.


Honestly, I just wish people would stop with this generational pigeonholing bullcrap. Is it so difficult to just say people aged between whatever ages play the most games?


I think the survey results are a pretty accurate match to the general MEW demographic. We do skew on the older side of gamers. Many of us are primarily PC first players, with consoles and handhelds in the minority. Even the types of games noted as being preferred by millenials matches.

I think it makes logical sense to a degree. We’re generally working age, have the luxury of some disposable income to spend on hobbies and past times that just happen to be gaming focussed, and we play to relax and unwind more than to be competitive.

I’m with @MetalSoup on the generational labeling thing. I can never remember who is in what group. Every time an article like this comes up, I need to do a Google search to remind myself how old whatever group is being spoken about is.

This article is especially frustrating because they make comparisons between “millennials” and “teenagers”. I automatically know how old a teenager is (13 - 19), but I first need to go check how old a millennial is (25 - 45) so that the comparison makes sense to me. The other issue I have with it is how the assumption is that all millenials fit the mold, but the age range is so wide as to make these sort of surveys almost irrelevant. I don’t know about you, but I was a very, very different person at 25 compared to the person I was at 45.


i was about to say…which one is millenials again? i have no idea what i am…and i sorta dont care


I think it’s because you’d have to update the ages all the time, whereas the generation you were born in is fixed. That said, I have no idea which generation is which. I see Greg has expressed this better.

I also agree that such a wide age range is silly :laughing:

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Wait, I am a millenial? Why are my kids calling me BOOMER?


OK Boomer.,