Most Epic Cakedays — set your birthdays now!



Upon @Wyvern’s Most Epic request, and @Solitude’s Most Epic discovery of the official Discourse Cakeday plugin, Most Epic Win now supports cakedays!

To participate in this Most Epic (OK I’ll stop now) endeavour, you will need to set your date of birth in the Profile section of the User Preferences screen.

You may either follow the above link, or these instructions:

1. Go to your user preferences

2. Click on “Profile”

3. Scroll down to Date of Birth, set it, click save



Invasion of privacy!!! What is next? What size underpants i wear? ? ? ? >.<


Done. Can I have cake now?


So how do I see all the cake days of the people?


Click the hamburger icon and select Cakeday.


Oh of course, thank you very much


Y U eager 2 No Wen i Wuz Born?