Most Epic Forum Patch Fail — first of many updates that break things

(Original post about the update: Most Epic Discourse update: auto-expiring polls, :heart:, groups, and relativity)

The last update to Most Epic Win’s Discourse instance broke something badly.

This is the first update where Mewnians Mewlings Mewbs reported problems afterward. Fortunately I’ve been maintaining a staging server, which is how I know that the problem was likely caused by the update and not my failure to rsync in the correct direction.

I have a suspicion that there is a problem with one of the third-party plugins, specifically the one we’re using to display ads. If that’s the case, we may have to find another way to implement the side bar on the forum’s front page.

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It’s definitely the layouts plugin. Disabling it on the staging site made the login and registration buttons reappear. Now to see if there’s an update that fixes it…


Keep at it! No rush tho :smiley:

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Update fixes it on the staging server! I’m in two minds about running this update now… I have to take care of some other work, so if something breaks horribly now it could mess me up bigtime.

EDIT: My amazing wife to the rescue. Running the update now. Site might go down for a second while it patches.

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I didn’t even see any problems.

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Alright, patched! Tested the fix via private browsing windows. Let me know if you experience any other issues.


Havent found anything as of yet tho

I can confirm having had site issues.

Loading onto the forum page took long, clickable links weren’t functioning normally; heck I switched browsers and still nothing. Please to see it’s up and running now though.

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I had no clue anything changed - maybe this is why I failed the online mi7 test

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